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What to do if there is fog inside the car lights

What to do if there is fog inside the car lights 1

We received questions from some car owners in the background: Why do the lights on my car fog up? To clarify this issue, let's first talk about a common life example.

Most of my friends who wear glasses have this feeling. In winter or cold season, after walking outdoors for a period of time, you suddenly enter a bathhouse or hot pot restaurant with dense water vapor. The moment you enter the store, your spectacle lenses will become blurry. At this time, you need to take off the glasses several times and wipe the moisture with dry paper towels, or wait for a few minutes indoors before the moisture on the glasses can be automatically eliminated and the field of vision can be restored again.

Why is this? This situation occurs mostly due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor and the high humidity of the environment around the glasses. When hot air encounters cold lenses, it will quickly condense into water mist and adhere to the lenses. When the temperature of the lenses is about the same as the indoor temperature, When it is large, the water vapor will gradually evaporate and disappear. This principle is the same as the water droplets attached to the popsicle bag in summer.

What to do if there is fog inside the car lights 2

The principle of lamp fogging

Fogging of lamps is the same as fogging of glasses. They are both caused by the large temperature and humidity difference between the inside and outside, causing water vapor in the air to condense and form fog. Moreover, careful friends may find that no matter what model of lamp, fogging occurs under certain environmental conditions. Why is this?

Because all lamps are not sealed, the lamps will generate a lot of heat when they are lit. It is necessary to design multiple exhaust hole structures on the back for internal air circulation, so water vapor will have the opportunity to enter the inside of the lamps and form air bubbles. fog phenomenon.

It can be seen that fogging of lamps is affected by the temperature and humidity of the environment. It is a normal physical phenomenon and is not a fault of the lamp itself. Moreover, even if a new lamp is replaced, fogging will still occur. Therefore, there is no need to replace the lamp when fogging is found. . Usually when a lamp fogs, a thin layer of white mist will adhere to the inner wall of the lampshade. In severe fogging, some small water droplets will appear, and the fog generally appears below or on the sides of the lamp. Even if the fog appears in the middle of the lampshade, When the lights are turned on to generate a certain amount of heat, the fog will dissipate quickly.

How to judge whether it is fogging or watering?

There are two important indicators to judge whether it is fogging or water intrusion. They are to observe the environment where water vapor is generated and the size of the water vapor.

Under normal circumstances, it is affected by the temperature and humidity of the environment, such as fogging caused by washing the car or when the temperature of the engine compartment is high, and water mist that quickly dissipates after the lamp is turned on, which is mostly normal fogging; if the water mist persists for a long time, then It should be considered that the lamp has water failure.

If the water mist is not a thin layer of white mist or fine water droplets, but severe water droplets or water accumulation, it is necessary to consider that external water has entered the interior of the lamp.

What are the effects of lamp fogging?

It is worth mentioning that the normal fog inside the lamp will not affect the light, parts aging, lifespan, and safety of the lamp, so it can be used with confidence.

Fogging and water intrusion may seem to be the same phenomenon, but they have completely different principles and effects behind them. I hope that all car owners will carefully distinguish them during use so that they can be used correctly.

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