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Why do car lights fog up?

I believe that car owners will find such an interesting phenomenon when using their cars. Occasionally, they will see their car lights fogging up after it rains or after washing the car. At this time, many car owners will be confused. Is my car light broken and flooded? In fact, don’t panic when you encounter this situation. You will understand after listening to my answer.

Why do car lights fog up? 1

Generally speaking, there are two reasons why car lights fog up, one is after raining, and the other is after washing the car. Why do the car lights fog up in these two situations?

In fact, our car lights are not completely sealed. Because the car lights will accumulate a lot of heat during the working process, causing the internal temperature of the car lights to rise, there will be a rubber tube on the back of the car lights connected to the atmosphere to cool down.

Why do car lights fog up? 2

When it rains, the temperature difference caused by the rain will cause a large amount of water mist to enter the interior of the car lights through the rubber tube, causing the car lights to fog up.

Why do car lights fog up? 3

When washing a car, due to improper operation in some car beauty shops, using high-pressure water guns to wash the headlights will also cause some water to enter the interior of the car lights through the rubber tube, causing the car lights to fog.

Why do car lights fog up? 4

So how do we solve the problem of fogging car lights? In fact, it is very simple. When we find that the headlights of our car are foggy, we turn on the headlights. In about 15 to 30 minutes, the heat of the headlights will evaporate the mist and the problem will be solved.

It should be noted that today’s urban drainage systems are worrying. In many cities, a certain height of water will form on the road after heavy rain. When we cannot avoid driving through water, we should also check whether there is water in the headlights after wading. Excessive water will affect the wiring of our car lights and affect the safety of the car.

If you encounter the problem of fogging car lights in the future, do you know how to deal with it? Hope this helps.

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