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Why do car lights have a layer of fog?

After the wind blows or rains, if you are careful, you may sometimes find that there is a layer of fog inside the headlights or taillights of your car. To exaggerate, it looks like a fish tank filled with water. Why is this happening? ?

Why do car lights have a layer of fog? 1

In fact, as far as the overall structure of the headlight is concerned, whether it is an ordinary halogen headlight, a xenon headlight, or an LED headlight, there will be a ventilation rubber tube. After passing through the breather pipe, the moisture in the air will enter the headlight through it and adhere to the lampshade. As the water vapor gathers, water droplets will flow down the lampshade. This situation is mostly caused by large temperature differences, and is most likely to occur in winter and rainy seasons.

In this case, friends don't have to worry too much. After the car lights are turned on for a period of time, the mist will be discharged out of the lights through the vent pipe along with the hot air. This will basically not damage the headlights and electrical circuits.

The editor reminds you that you must not bake car headlights when such a situation occurs, because there are a lot of plastic materials in the headlights. Baking at high temperatures can easily reduce the life of the material, or even deform it, making the situation worse.

Of course, in addition to changes in weather, vehicle wading, car washing, etc. will cause a large amount of water to accumulate inside the headlights.

When a vehicle is wading through water, since the engine and exhaust system themselves are relatively large heat sources, rainwater will form a large amount of water vapor on them. Some of the water vapor will enter the headlights along the breather pipe.

This is especially true for car washing. Many car owners like to use high-pressure water guns to flush the engine directly. However, the accumulated water after flushing is not dealt with in time, causing the accumulated water to flow into the headlights along the rubber tube mentioned above.

For cleaning work in the engine compartment, we should use cotton or cloth to wipe it to avoid "moisture" in the engine part as much as possible.

Why do car lights have a layer of fog? 2

I would like to remind all car owners that it is a trivial matter if the headlights fog up during driving. If water enters the headlights, it will be troublesome. Once water enters, it will seriously affect the lighting effect of the headlights and cause unsafe driving. .

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