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4 types of car taillights that even veteran drivers are "fearful of" when driving at night. Netizens

Hello everyone, I am the editor of "Ju Jie Talks about Cars". First of all, I would like to thank all readers for reading this article despite your busy schedule. I hope all readers will remember to like the editor’s comments after reading it! In our lives, more and more people are buying cars, and cars are more closely related to our lives. We all know that cars are becoming more and more important in our lives, so whether it is day or night, many people Cars are indispensable when traveling, because they can make our travels more convenient and faster. We all know that having a car is not only more convenient for traveling during the day, but more importantly, our cars have their own lighting at night when the lights are dark. Walking at night with a lamp will make you feel more at ease and safer. But when we turn on our car lights, we not only illuminate our own path, but also let others see our cars. If our car lights are too bright, it can easily cause people to feel disgusted. Let us talk about it today. , when driving at night, there are four types of car taillights that even experienced drivers are afraid of. Netizens said that they really can’t stand it and it hurts their eyes!

Type 1: BYD's car taillights. Maybe many people think that BYD's cars are not high-end cars, but BYD's taillights are relatively complicated. They can be said to be the coolest kind of taillights in our country. In fact, In other words, there are many styles, but compared with BYD, other car taillights will appear simpler. Regarding BYD's car taillights, many car owners have directly reported that BYD's taillights reflect one word all the time. , that is "show".

Type 2: Audi’s taillights. We all know that Audi cars are often ridiculed by us as a light factory, and it’s not without reason. This also illustrates how bright the lights of Audi cars are, and not only this posture, but also its taillights are very gorgeous, and many of them are automatic. Even in the daytime, Audi's car lights are They will be particularly shiny, not to mention at night when the light is particularly dark. If you drive at night and happen to be behind an Audi, I'm sure your eyes will feel particularly tired for a period of time. Many car owners have also experienced Audi's brake lights. Once upon a time, I had the misfortune to drive behind an Audi car for two kilometers, and the sour and refreshing feeling was really hard to describe. Therefore, many car owners directly reported to the Audi manufacturer and suggested that they change the brightness of the car lights.

Type 3: Civic taillights. In fact, many people can’t understand the Civic’s taillights. Why are they on the list? Many car owners directly stated that the Civic's taillights are actually not particularly bright. They just said that the random problem occurred in the modification. Car owners of many years prefer to directly follow the trend of modification, so they just directly modify it. , the taillights also need to be modified. The modified taillights are indeed brighter, and their brightness is not darker than the Audi taillights. Therefore, many netizens reported that they were shocked by the taillights of the Civic sedan in the past.

4 types of car taillights that even veteran drivers are fearful of when driving at night. Netizens 1

Type 4: Infiniti car taillights. In fact, the taillights of this car are quite different from the previous three. The brightness of the taillights of Infiniti cars is still within the normal range. It's just that the shape looks scary, and the combination of these wildcat-like taillights makes people feel angry. Is it just because the car owner is timid, even this kind of car taillight is more afraid?

In fact, car taillights are a big problem. Our country should also introduce some corresponding standards to regulate the taillights of these car manufacturers, because taillights do affect the eyesight of car owners more at night, and at night When driving, the risk factor is relatively high, so such a problem must be solved.

What should you pay attention to when driving at night:

1. Pay attention to non-motorized vehicles on the right when meeting a car. When meeting a car at night, do not rush around, step on the brake pedal and turn the wheel to the right. Pay attention to pedestrians and bicycles on the right.

2. Control the vehicle speed. Traffic flow on the road at night is small, and there is relatively little interference from pedestrians and bicycles. Drivers are generally more likely to drive at high speeds, so traffic accidents are likely to occur.

3. Increase the following distance: When drivers drive at night, their vision is not as wide as during the day, and they often encounter dangers and emergencies. To do this, the driver must be prepared to stop at any time. In this case, in order to avoid danger, attention should be paid to appropriately increasing the following distance to prevent collisions between front and rear vehicles.

4. Try to avoid overtaking. Before overtaking, check whether there are any obstacles on the right side of the vehicle being overtaken, so as to avoid collision when the vehicle being overtaken turns to the left to avoid obstacles when overtaking. When it is necessary to overtake, you should continuously change the high and low lights in advance to inform the vehicle in front, and then overtake after it is confirmed that overtaking is possible.

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