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A lot of knowledge about car lights, do you know why your car lights don’t light up?

Learn more about cars every day. This is my original intention of doing car information. Car lights, especially in dark nights, can provide enough light to ensure safe driving. Therefore, the brightness of the car's headlights is very important. Car headlights are made of polycarbonate plastic, which makes them more durable, but it also creates potential hazards. Exposure to the sun and rain for a long time will accelerate the oxidation and yellowing of the headlights, and will also cause dirt and debris to adhere to the outer surface of the headlights. But how much do you know about car headlights and maintenance skills?

A lot of knowledge about car lights, do you know why your car lights don’t light up? 1

Whether it is a front headlight or a rear headlight, as long as it does not light up, it means that the bulb has burned out and must be replaced. But if it is not completely broken, but the brightness is reduced and the light is red and dim, you must not take it lightly, because this may be a precursor to failure, and the reduced lighting capability is also a major hidden danger for safe driving.

A lot of knowledge about car lights, do you know why your car lights don’t light up? 2

Generally, 99% of cars that have not been modified use halogen lamps. If you find that the lights have dimmed after using the car for a period of time, the first thing to do is to check whether the headlights are damaged, and then check whether the headlight lampshades are worn. Or it may be covered with sand or insects. Most of the reasons for not lighting up are caused by the outside or inside of the lampshade being too dirty. Of course, it is also possible that some cars use poor PC material for lampshades, which will turn yellow after three years of use, resulting in inaccuracies.

A lot of knowledge about car lights, do you know why your car lights don’t light up? 3

There are several reasons for the decrease in brightness. The most common one is the accumulation of dirt on the diffused glass or reflector of the lamp. All that needs to be done at this time is to clean the dirt with a flannel or lens paper. Another reason is that the battery's charging capacity decreases and the power is insufficient, resulting in insufficient brightness. In this case, the battery needs to be replaced with a new one. If these are not the problems, then there must be a problem with the lighting power supply line system, causing voltage instability. You must go to a repair shop for timely repairs. Cars are already equipped with headlights in accordance with very strict requirements for safe vehicles. If you are not pursuing cool lighting effects, ordinary halogen headlights for night driving can fully meet the needs. By the way, xenon lights without lenses are really dazzling. .

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