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All your questions about car light upgrades are here, Tuxiang Lighting will answer them for you

With the popularity of cars and the continuous development of the car light upgrade market, people are paying more and more attention to the maintenance of car lights while pursuing the appearance of their cars. Many car owners are pursuing the lighting of their cars, and upgrading the lights is inevitable. Although car light upgrades are relatively common, there are still many car owners who have various doubts about upgrading car lights? Today, the traffic lights will be here to answer your questions.

All your questions about car light upgrades are here, Tuxiang Lighting will answer them for you 1

1. Are there any dangers in upgrading car headlights?

No, the power of ordinary halogen headlights is 55W, while the power of xenon lamps is 35W. In terms of power, xenon lamps are lower than halogen lamps and are more energy-saving. Moreover, when upgrading headlights, a ballast or capacitor is usually installed to stabilize the voltage. Double Insurance is safer. However, if it is a non-professional lamp modification or a cheap lamp modification that cuts corners, it will increase the risk. Therefore, it is recommended to go to a professional upgrade store to upgrade, which has quality assurance and is safer.

2. Will water enter the headlights after they are upgraded?

Sealing is the most worrying issue for car enthusiasts, but it is the most basic for road lights. Headlight sealing technology is the most basic technology in the entire process of lamp modification, not to mention that the accumulation of lamp modification technology in Tuxiang headlights can ensure that the sealing process achieves the original sealing effect and ensures that there will be no water intrusion.

3. Can I pass the annual inspection after changing the lights?

Reasonable modification of lights can completely pass the annual inspection. Our country's regulations clearly stipulate that the lower limit of vehicle light illumination is not less than 1050LM, and there is no clear limit on the upper limit. It only says that it shall not affect the driving safety of the opposite driver. Upgrading the car lights will not dazzle the eyes of oncoming drivers and is a reasonable upgrade to the car lighting system. However, if you simply install a bare xenon lamp or a bare LED bulb without adding a lens, there will be no professional lens for refraction or the focal length will be incorrect, causing the light to be scattered, chaotic, and poor. Not only can you not see the road clearly, but also the people on the other side cannot see clearly. This can be said to be harmful to others and yourself, and is banned in most areas. Therefore, it is the best choice to go to a professional car lighting shop to upgrade the lights.

4. Will the light after upgrading the car lights to laser headlights be very dazzling?

Although the headlights have high brightness and the light source is laser, laser headlights fully meet the requirements of daily use, and the light will not cause harm to human eyes. It is said that the headlights are the eyes of the car. If the headlights are not on, how can we identify the front?

Among the car light upgrade projects, the headlight upgrade is the most cost-effective. The replacement and upgrade of the headlights can not only increase the applicability of the car lights, but also better improve the comfort of night driving.

Warm reminder from Tuxing Car Lights: When upgrading your headlights, you must install a lens. Otherwise, the light will diverge if you install it naked. Not only will you not be able to see the road clearly, but it will also cause glare to other drivers. Annual inspections and traffic police will also take special care.

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