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ams and Osram launch smart multi-pixel LEDs to automatically adjust headlights and maximize driving 2

ams and Osram launch smart multi-pixel LEDs to automatically adjust headlights and maximize driving 2 1

ams-OSRAM, a global supplier of optical solutions, announced the launch of EVIYOS 2.0, an epoch-making innovative product in the field of automotive headlights. This smart multi-pixel LED enables fully automatic dynamic control of headlight adjustments and image projection.

EVIYOS 2.0 can illuminate the road ahead more accurately, maximizing driving vision in high beam mode while avoiding glare for other road users. The product is built with 25,600 individually controllable light-emitting chips with a pixel pitch of 40µm. It can project high-resolution images onto the road surface to display warning signs to drivers or other road users, or to guide drivers around obstacles. It will greatly improve road safety and allow drivers to respond more promptly to potential risks that were previously difficult or impossible to detect.

ams and Osram launch smart multi-pixel LEDs to automatically adjust headlights and maximize driving 2 2

EVIYOS 2.0 product diagram (Picture: ams-OSRAM)

At present, the design of automobile safety functions mostly focuses on ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers in the car. EVIYOS® 2.0, by projecting images onto the road at night, can deliver information to the driver and people around the vehicle in innovative ways. For example, headlights using EVIYOS® 2.0 can project snowflake signs onto the road to warn drivers of icy or slippery road conditions, enhance their awareness of danger, and reduce the risk of accidents.

The newly launched EVIYOS 2.0 is the culmination of ten years of R&D by ams-OSRAM and is now in mass production.

Wolfgang Lex, Senior Vice President of ams Osram Automotive Division, said: "High-resolution automatic adjustment of headlights will become a major differentiating feature among the world's top brands of cars. EVIYOS 2.0 technology is the key to achieving the most precise and controllable headlight system. It is also an important innovation pioneer in the automotive industry.”

This product consists of an integrated matrix of pixelated µ-LED chips with 25,600 built-in pixels, which can achieve higher brightness and color uniformity on the product. It has built-in numerous micron-level light-emitting chips and control drivers. Each light-emitting chip can be driven independently to achieve complete and precise control of the 25,600-pixel light-emitting chip.

ams and Osram launch smart multi-pixel LEDs to automatically adjust headlights and maximize driving 2 3

EVIYOS® 2.0 principle diagram (Picture: ams-OSRAM)

In the anti-glare intelligent high-beam system, the high-pixel EVIYOS 2.0 combined with the lens system is installed in the headlights, and combined with the smart car camera lens in front of the car to observe the road conditions ahead. This allows the intelligent high-beam system to instantly control the switch of each light-emitting chip to avoid dazzling other road users while maintaining the maximum driving field of view. Based on the real-time and precise control of the light-emitting chip, the headlights can also provide good lighting effects in curved road conditions and improve the driver's vision in curved road conditions.

EVIYOS 2.0 is a car-grade product with high luminous flux, high light efficiency, and high Dana consumption. When EVIYOS 2.0 is working, the driver's field of vision is greatly improved, and unnecessary light-emitting chips are turned off, significantly saving energy consumption.

The light-emitting surface of EVIYOS 2.0 products is compact in size, only 40mm², and can be applied to various shapes of headlight assemblies. At the same time, the product also provides two product options: 1:4 (25,600 pixels) or 1:3 (19,200 pixels).

ams Osram is the leader in the automotive lighting market. Optical components and innovative technologies are widely used in all important areas of the automobile, covering the vehicle's exterior lighting (headlights using top-notch LED technology), rear lighting, decorative lighting and interior lighting. Many world-renowned automakers and first-tier suppliers are incorporating EVIYOS 2.0 into the design of new product concepts. For example, automotive supplier Marelli announced the launch of its first multi-pixel LED headlight module based on EVIYOS 2.0: h-Digi microLED.

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