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Analysis of Gaohe HiPhi X smart headlight technology highlights

Ordinary consumers may only have car headlights for lighting and do not have much demand. However, as a luxury car brand, the lighting configuration must also be upgraded and the functions must be more diversified. As a former "light factory", Audi can be said to have received constant praise for the development of lighting technology. However, the former "light factory" has fallen into disadvantages today. Our domestic smart luxury pure electric brand Gaohe HiPhi not only develops A more advanced digital lighting system has been launched, and it is even installed on HiPhi X. So, what are the differences in the headlight technology of HiPhi X, a smart electric vehicle?

Analysis of Gaohe HiPhi X smart headlight technology highlights 1

Analysis of Gaohe HiPhi X smart headlight technology highlights 2

PML editable smart headlights are composed of a digital micromirror chip with 2.6 million micron reflectors and 1716 LED light sources. At the same time, an infrared night vision camera and an independently customized ECU chip are added. After the light is turned on, the ECU receives the infrared camera After sensing the pedestrian and vehicle information, it will perform calculations and make decisions based on different scenarios within milliseconds. And through the voltage of the electrodes at both ends of the 2.6 million micron mirrors, each micro-mirror can achieve stepless deflection of +/-12°, achieving micron-level precise control of the light beam. It can realize various intelligent lighting functions and can project real-time "light navigation". It can also detect the movement of pedestrians and avoid pedestrians' heads without reducing the brightness. It only illuminates below the shoulders, which is smart and humane. At the same time, this programmable headlight can be customized with more different functions in the future.

Analysis of Gaohe HiPhi X smart headlight technology highlights 3

At the same time, in different driving scenarios, PML programmable smart headlights can intelligently adjust the light pattern with speed, automatically switching between four driving lighting modes: standard low beam, city high beam, standard high beam, and cluster high beam; it can also intelligently identify In driving scenarios, it realizes six intelligent lighting functions: vehicle tracking and masking, driving trajectory prediction, lane departure warning, blind spot lane change warning, low-speed steering assistance, and active level adjustment.

The ISD intelligent interactive headlights refer to the LED arrays under the HiPhi X headlights and taillights, forming a total of 4 LED displays at the front and rear. The most intuitive feeling is that it is cool. In addition to serving as a regular turn signal, this area can also display various symbols, instructions and even expressions. In addition, the seemingly entertaining ISD intelligent interactive headlights also have a "U-turn light" display mode. In addition to the turn signals, there is also a separate "U-turn light" switch in the car, which can alert the vehicles behind and provide an extra layer of light for driving. Partial guarantee.

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What's more, the biggest advantage of this car's lighting is that it's playability is greatly improved. Car owners can customize the lighting display form through the mobile APP, and can draw their own exclusive expressions and light them up on the car lights. For example, when making an emergency U-turn, through the signal of the taillight, you no longer have to worry about the car behind not understanding your intention.

Analysis of Gaohe HiPhi X smart headlight technology highlights 5

As a luxury brand among domestic cars, HiPhi X uses intelligence to empower vehicles based on its mastery of technology, thus bringing a new car experience to consumers and reflecting the good intentions of our car companies . What do you think of this car?

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