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Analysis of the causes of car headlight fogging and how to solve it

If you think that the car lights are completely sealed boxes, you are totally wrong. In fact, there is a vent hole on the back cover of the headlights, which is used to balance the pressure inside the car lights. Because when the car lights are turned on or off, the gas in the lampshade will rise and fall greatly. If it is a sealed environment, it can easily cause the lampshade to burst. But also because of this vent hole, moisture will enter the lampshade due to gas circulation. Therefore, due to frequent rains and large temperature differences between day and night in autumn and winter, such problems are prone to occur.

Analysis of the causes of car headlight fogging and how to solve it 1

The principle of headlight fogging

The reason why there is water mist inside the car lights is because the outdoor temperature is too low and the car lights are still warm after the lights are turned off. Humid air enters the car lights and the internal humidity is too high. When it encounters the low temperature on the surface of the car lights, it liquefies and condenses into water. beads.

Analysis of the causes of car headlight fogging and how to solve it 2

How to solve the problem of headlight fogging?

Foggy car lights will generally dissipate naturally after a period of time and do not require special treatment.

After the fog inside the car lights is generated, it will take about one and a half hours to completely eliminate it when the lights are on.

In a static state, if stored in a dry environment with low humidity for 1-2 days, the fog inside the car lights can be completely eliminated automatically.

Adding desiccant or sponge to the back of the car light can also avoid this problem.

In terms of product design, for example, changing the vent holes to one-way breathable membranes can also reduce moisture from entering the lamp cavity;

Alternatively, spraying a low-tension anti-fog coating on the inner surface of the optical lens can also prevent beading.

So in principle, this kind of problem can be solved.

Analysis of the causes of car headlight fogging and how to solve it 3

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