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Application Analysis of RFID Intelligent Card Reader in Mitsubishi Compressor Project

Guangzhou Mitsubishi Electric Compressor Co., Ltd. is a Japanese funded enterprise jointly invested by Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Electric Hong Kong Group. Adopting the advanced technology of Mitsubishi Electric of Japan, integrating R & D, production and marketing, it specializes in the production and sales of rotary compressors for air conditioning with high efficiency, high reliability, small size, light weight and low noise and large scroll compressors with environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency.Relying on its superior performance and good reputation, Guangzhou chenkong intelligent RFID won this cooperation with Mitsubishi group. The purpose of this cooperation is to intelligently upgrade and transform the automatic torque production line of Mitsubishi compressor, realize the unmanned and automation of the production line, and achieve the goal of reducing production cost and accident rate.Mitsubishi (Guangzhou) air conditioning compressor factory has a large production scale and its annual production capacity is also rising year by year, which is also due to Mitsubishi's continuous upgrading and transformation of the production line to improve efficiency and production capacity. The cooperation with Guangzhou morning control intelligent RFID is mainly to install high-frequency RFID card reader in the compressor automatic torque production line and cooperate with the computer system to complete the automatic torque of the compressor equipment.

Application Analysis of RFID Intelligent Card Reader in Mitsubishi Compressor Project 1

During the operation of the compressor torque line, the air conditioning compressor is fixed on the chassis and reaches the specified position with the operation of the line, and then the operator manually stops the chassis and operates the manipulator to fix it. This operation mode requires a large number of operators to be distributed on the production line and repeat the extremely inefficient work, resulting in a serious decline in production efficiency. And it is easy to cause frequent industrial accidents due to the unstable state of operators, which has a great impact on the production capacity.Morning control intelligent RFID sent a professional technical team to Mitsubishi compressor factory to investigate and formulate the installation scheme. The corresponding high-frequency RFID card readers were installed on both sides of the compressor torque line to cooperate with the labels installed on the tray at the bottom of the compressor. When the compressor accessories of the previous process arrived at the designated area with the tray, the card readers recognized the labels, Feel the internal data to judge the torque scheme, and the computer system gives instructions to the manipulator to complete the torque work of compressor accessories.After the installation of morning control intelligent RFID, the torque line of Mitsubishi compressor has realized full-automatic, unmanned and intelligent production, which greatly liberates manpower, reduces the possibility of accidents, and greatly improves the efficiency of the factory. Mitsubishi group also affirmed the RFID system built, which lays a foundation for the next work of morning control intelligent and Mitsubishi group.


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