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Buick Regal headlight upgrade case: Upgrade the halogen lights with two sets of OZM lenses to achiev

I went to the store today to buy a Buick Regal. The original car had a halogen reflective bowl like this. The brightness of the light was dim and yellowish, which could not meet the owner's requirements. So the owner went to the store today and chose to upgrade to two sets of this year's new Ozim Storm. . It is an LED bifocal lens, featuring low power consumption, high light efficiency, small size, low beam, and wide and high beam concentration. Without further ado, let’s get started.

·Open the front cover, disassemble the bumper, and put a towel on it to avoid scratching the paint. Panasonic front face, easily remove the two headlight assemblies.

Buick Regal headlight upgrade case: Upgrade the halogen lights with two sets of OZM lenses to achiev 1

· Washing, cutting and blow-drying are arranged as usual. Remove the external accessories of the headlight, apply three layers of high-temperature protective film, and put it in the oven for a sauna. Open the lamp surface, remove the internal accessories of the headlight, and take out the halogen reflector bowl. Assemble the special bracket and fix the position of the bracket inside the headlight first.

·Install the new LED bifocal lens and adjust the relative position of the lights. Weld the wiring harness, put on the heat lock tube, and install the car to test the lights. After the test is completed, clean the internal dust.

·Cover the lamp cover and apply imported sealant to ensure that there will be no water intrusion for life. Install the lights on the car, tighten the headlight screws, and reinstall the front bumper. Finally, clean the lamp surface.

knock off. Let’s see if the appearance looks better after this modification. The brightness is increased by 5-6 times. The car owner is also very satisfied.

Leave your car model in the comment area and I will come up with a plan for you.

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