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Can car headlights be modified with laser headlights? Is it safe to modify laser headlights? How muc

How much does it cost to retrofit laser headlights? Is it illegal to modify laser headlights? Can a car be retrofitted with laser headlights? Is it safe to modify laser headlights? Can laser headlights be replaced on ordinary cars? What are the disadvantages of laser car lights? Today we combine these issues to discuss laser car lights.

The rapid development of automotive lighting technology is always surprising. While we are still satisfied with the lighting effects of xenon lamps and LEDs, laser headlights have been widely used in luxury models and have quietly begun to replace xenon lamps and LEDs. First, let me talk about the light-emitting principle of laser headlights: the light source of laser headlights is a laser diode, which converts electrical energy directly into light energy, and laser is a light source invented in the 1960s. Laser diodes and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) were born at almost the same time. As technology advances, the use of lasers expands. It shows its unique advantages when used as a lighting source for vehicles.

Can car headlights be modified with laser headlights? Is it safe to modify laser headlights? How muc 1

The application of laser headlights in automotive lighting not only has most of the advantages of LED headlights, such as fast response, slow attenuation, long life, low energy consumption, etc., but the biggest advantages of laser headlights are size reduction and luminous brightness. high. From the appearance, laser headlights do not seem to be much different from the now commonly used full-LED headlights, but technically speaking, there is a huge performance gap between the two. Compared with LED technology, the biggest advancement of laser technology lies in its level of integration. Its volume only accounts for 10% of the volume of LED, but its brightness is about 1000 times. The illumination of laser headlights reaches 170 lumens per watt, which is 70% brighter than traditional LEDs of 100 lumens per watt. The irradiation distance is twice that of traditional LEDs, and the irradiation distance of laser headlights is as long as 1,000 meters. The length of its laser light-emitting diode is only about 10 microns, which is much smaller than current small LEDs. This means that cars using laser headlights do not need to leave a large area for headlights like traditional cars. Car designers can design more freely and can change the shape of the headlights without restrictions. They can even make the shape of the head more beautiful and change the overall layout of the front face of the car.

Can car headlights be modified with laser headlights? Is it safe to modify laser headlights? How muc 2

Another huge advantage of laser headlights is the controllability of the light. The brightness of xenon lamps and LED headlights is indeed very bright, but the controllability of the lights is very poor. For example, if a xenon lamp is not equipped with a lens, the light will be scattered and dazzling, which not only greatly reduces the lighting effect of the car, but also affects other vehicles. The light of laser headlights is directional, and the beam divergence is extremely small, only 0.001 radians, almost parallel, so the lighting effect is better and safer.

Can car headlights be modified with laser headlights? Is it safe to modify laser headlights? How muc 3

The performance of laser headlights is indeed very powerful. However, due to the energy gathering characteristics of laser, direct lighting use can also cause great harm to human eyes. However, there is no need to worry about this with the laser headlights currently on the market. The reason is that current laser headlights do not emit a laser beam directly in front of the vehicle. Instead, they first emit the laser beam to a set of reflectors within the lens. After reflection, the laser energy is concentrated in a lens filled with yellow phosphorus. At this time, the yellow phosphorus is excited by the laser and emits intense white-yellow light. The white-yellow light is reflected back on the reflector, and finally emits bright white-yellow light toward the front of the vehicle. The white-yellow light emitted by the lens will not cause irritation or damage to the eyes of humans and animals, and the brightness and color temperature of the laser headlights are in compliance with regulations, and the illumination effect complies with the visual habits of the human eye. Finally, it should be pointed out that the laser lenses currently on the market are not entirely based on laser light sources, because the current laser lenses are actually LED headlights for low beams, and only when the high beams are turned on are laser beams.

Can car headlights be modified with laser headlights? Is it safe to modify laser headlights? How muc 4

How much does it cost to modify a set of laser headlights? Since laser headlights have high technical requirements and complicated manufacturing processes, the price is generally expensive. The price of laser headlight lenses on the market now generally ranges from 3,000 to 15,000, depending on the price and power. , the brightness and products are also different, and the cost-effectiveness of the laser lens of Xinpa headlights is extremely advantageous among all laser headlights, and is deeply loved by car owners.

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