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"Candle lights" are ugly and unsafe! How to upgrade the headlights?

Dim car lights are a safety hazard when driving at night

Although most of the new cars on the market currently use LED light source lights, there are still old cars with a certain age that still use halogen lights. For these car owners, upgrading the headlights by replacing the light source is a very practical need. .

Of course, there are many car enthusiasts who don’t care about their car lights so much. They feel that if they drive carefully, headlight lighting is not that important. However, according to data released by relevant departments, an average of 49.2% of traffic accidents occurred every year from 2014 to 2018. Accidents occurred at night, and the driver's unclear vision accounted for 39.4% of the accidents. Insufficient lighting is the cause of many accidents.

Candle lights are ugly and unsafe! How to upgrade the headlights? 1

The impact of car lights on the vision of driving at night can be divided into many situations. Some may be due to insufficient brightness of the car lights themselves, some may be due to the width of the light pattern being too narrow, or the color of the car light bulbs themselves. caused by decline. When a vehicle is moving at high speed, dim lights will affect the driver's prediction, so headlights are related to driving safety. Car lights with better brightness and wider illumination width are the solution to avoid poor driving vision.

Xenon light source (HID)

When it comes to lighting upgrades, we naturally have to mention xenon headlights (HID)

Candle lights are ugly and unsafe! How to upgrade the headlights? 2

For models that originally use halogen light sources, car owners can increase the brightness of the lights through rear-installed light bulbs. Rear-mounted car lights include xenon and LED light sources. Although both light sources are high-end lighting, the installation of xenon car lights is cumbersome and risks damaging the original car wiring. It requires professional installation.

Candle lights are ugly and unsafe! How to upgrade the headlights? 3

The full name of xenon headlight is HID (High Intensity Discharge Lamp) gas discharge lamp. It uses a matching electronic ballast to instantly increase the 12V voltage of the car battery to a trigger voltage of more than 23KV, and ionizes the xenon in the xenon headlight to form an arc discharge. And make it glow stably, providing a stable car headlight lighting system.

The advantage of the xenon lamp is that it has a very obvious color temperature range, 4000K to 12000K, of which the color temperature of normal sunlight is 6000K. Most xenon lamps are also set to about 6000K. In addition, they have high brightness. The general 55W halogen lamp can only produce 1000 lumens of light. The 35W HID can produce 3200 lumens of light, which is three times as bright as a halogen lamp.

LED light source

Of course, the current mainstream light source is still LED

Candle lights are ugly and unsafe! How to upgrade the headlights? 4

LED is an electroluminescent device that uses solid semiconductor chips as luminescent materials to directly emit light through the recombination of carriers causing photon emission. LED headlights use LEDs as light sources. The color temperature of the LED light source is similar to that of the HID xenon lamp. It is usually set at around 6000K, and the brightness can also reach 3000+ open lumens. However, compared with the HID xenon lamp, the penetrability of the LED light source illumination light is obviously not as good as the HID xenon lamp. In addition, One point is that the light-emitting unit of the LED light source generates higher heat than the HID xenon lamp. Early LED products were all open designs, but they used natural heat dissipation, and the effect was not good. Later LED light source products began to have their own heat dissipation systems. However, the advantages of LED products are also very obvious. The construction is simple. Most of them can be upgraded directly by replacing the bulbs on the basis of the original car headlight assembly.

What kind of LED to choose?

There used to be a saying in the circle of car enthusiasts that "any modified light without a lens is a hooligan" because of the direct plug-in LED bulbs in the early years. This is because many early LED light source products did not have the same design as the original car's reflective bowl. It is not suitable, causing the light scattering to be unconcentrated, so that oncoming vehicles can only see a ball of white light, and the lighting effect itself is not excellent. However, with the upgrade of technology and product design, the well-known plug-in LED light source products have once again become mainstream.

Candle lights are ugly and unsafe! How to upgrade the headlights? 5

There are so many LED light source products on the market now, how should we choose? First of all, although everyone thinks that the technical content of LED light sources is not high, there is still a certain gap in the quality of big brands and no-name products. Products of well-known brands such as Philips, Osram, Chemax, Hella, etc. have more reasonable designs and more mature technologies. Some. Of course, there are also many domestic brands that perform well in design and quality control, such as Foshan Lighting, Fukushima Lighting, Snow Light, etc.

Of course, in addition to looking at the brand, we also need to look at several details to judge whether an LED light source product is worth buying. The first is the fit between the LED light-emitting unit and the vehicle headlight assembly. Of course, if the headlight assembly already comes with a lens The structure is the best, so there is generally no matching problem. If the original car does not have a lens and the LED bulb does not match well with the original car's reflective bowl, it is recommended to add a lens. Of course, the lens itself is not cheap and the installation is a bit complicated, but it is a better option for your own safety. Finally, when choosing an LED light source product, you should pay attention to whether it has a heat dissipation design. Simply put, whether there is a fan on the back of the LED bulb, and whether it matches the original car.

The steward had something to say:

As a safety feature of the vehicle, car lights are a detail that car owners often overlook. Facing the increasingly complex road environment, the dim candles of halogen lamps can obviously no longer meet the needs of safe driving. The emergence of replacement and upgraded LED bulbs can restore the brightness of those old car lights. If you car friends still have questions about car light upgrades after reading this introduction, you are welcome to tell us in the comments. Car and Home Talk Knowledge I will answer it for you~!


Candle lights are ugly and unsafe! How to upgrade the headlights? 6

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