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Car light modification not only includes xenon lamps, but LED light sources are also very good

[ZOL Automotive Supplies] Nowadays, when young people buy a new car, the first thing they do is to brighten their "eyes" and modify the lighting system. It can be called the first choice for car modification. Modifying the original car's halogen lamps into xenon lamps is now on the market. There are not only xenon lights, but also LED light sources to choose from, including not only headlights, but also taillights and daytime running lights.

Car light modification not only includes xenon lamps, but LED light sources are also very good 1

Headlight modification (picture from the Internet)

Modifying car lights is not only for fashion and personality, the most important thing is because modified car lights can increase the brightness of nighttime illumination, which can improve driving safety. Modified headlights can not only show personality and increase the rate of return, It also adds security, so why not?

I won’t go into too much detail about halogen light sources here. Let’s focus on the mainstream xenon lamps and LED lamps on the market to see what their advantages and disadvantages are.

Car light modification not only includes xenon lamps, but LED light sources are also very good 2

Xenon headlight modification (picture from the Internet)

Xenon lamp (High intensity Discharge) refers to the interior filled with a mixture of inert gases including xenon, referred to as HID xenon lamp, which can be called metal halide lamp or xenon lamp. Its light-emitting principle is through the starter and electronic ballast. Raising the voltage to over 23,000V, the high voltage breaks down the xenon gas, causing the xenon gas to form an arc between the two electrodes and emit light.

Advantages: Xenon lamps have no filament and have a long theoretical life. The service life of xenon lamps is equivalent to the entire operating time of the average car use cycle. It has high luminous efficiency. Our common 35W xenon lamps modified for cars are brighter than ordinary 100W light bulbs. a lot of.

Disadvantages: higher price, delayed lighting, and additional starter and electronic ballast required. The light-gathering performance is not good, and a lens is needed to help focus the light. This is why the xenon headlights we usually see have lenses.

Car light modification not only includes xenon lamps, but LED light sources are also very good 3

LED headlight modification (picture from the Internet)

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a solid-state semiconductor device that can convert electrical energy into visible light. It can directly convert electricity into light.

Advantages: long life, high efficiency, low energy consumption, no delay in lighting, fast lighting response (nanosecond level). LED is small in size, simple in structure, good in earthquake resistance, good in light quality, and basically non-radiative. It is a green light source and is suitable for low-voltage work in automobiles.

Disadvantages: high cost, poor heat dissipation, need to add auxiliary heat dissipation device, no industry standard, product quality varies.

Car light modification not only includes xenon lamps, but LED light sources are also very good 4

LED headlights (pictures from the Internet)

Editor's summary: It can be seen from the above analysis that halogen headlights have gradually become more prominent in the market, but the yellow light of halogen is a good light source for penetrating fog. It is better to use halogen light sources for fog lights on our cars. Xenon light sources can only be used in headlights due to the need to assist in increasing the ultra-high voltage. In addition to being used in headlights, LEDs are also a common light source for taillights and daytime running lights due to their nanosecond response speed.

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