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Car light upgrade case sharing! ! # FunCarLight

Today, we upgraded the original car halogen bulbs for Toyota Ruifang owners and switched to the Jade Enhanced Bifocal Lens of the Auzim Hero Series.

We first removed the original car's halogen bulb, then removed the original car's bracket, and replaced it with a special car-specific bracket without damage. During the debugging process, we found that the brightness of the light was very good.

Car light upgrade case sharing! ! # FunCarLight 1

In order to make the owner's vehicle even cooler, we also matched it with red devil eyes, making it the brightest car on the street. The upgraded car lights not only have very uniform brightness of the low beam, but the effect of the high beam is also very good. The entire upgrade process went very smoothly, and the brightness of the lights was more than three times higher than that of the original car. This set of bright lights can illuminate the car owner's way home and make his driving safer.

If you also need to upgrade your car lights, please tell me your car model in the comment area, and I will provide you with professional suggestions and solutions based on your needs. Remember to follow and like!

Car light upgrade case sharing! ! # FunCarLight 2

CARCUU always sticks to our tenet of "quality comes first" by focusing on the quality control, service improvement, and fast response.

As a company focused on business, CARCUU has established stable partnerships with many companies nationwide and worldwide.We have been upholding the goal of being one of the leading manufacturers.Car light upgrade case sharing! ! # FunCarLight has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for places such as indoor and outdoor playgrounds, theme parks, shopping malls, and parent-child amusement parks.

At CARCUU, it is our skilled workers, advanced technology, and systematic management system that contribute to sustainable growth.

1. Production technology: With years of accumulation, we have enough capabilities to improve the production process. Advanced technology including welding, chemical etching, surface blasting, and polishing contributes to the superior performance of the products.

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