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Car lighting upgrade classification

Car lighting upgrade classification 1

The first type, halogen lamp upgrade, generally uses split coating technology and metal spiral filament technology to improve the life and brightness of car lights. The advantages of this method are that it is easy to install, replaces the original vehicle, has low cost, and the illumination brightness and width will also be improved. The disadvantage is that the improvement effect of this method is limited.

The second category is to upgrade bare LED or bare xenon lamps. Generally, it is a replacement type for the original car, with a decoder itself, and then plug-in type. The advantages of this method are that it is easy to install, low cost, and does not damage the original vehicle assembly. The disadvantage is that the astigmatism is relatively serious, which greatly affects the line of sight of oncoming cars. This method is what we commonly call "high beam dog". Another thing is that the paving effect is very limited, not even as good as the halogen lights of the original car.

The third category is to upgrade the xenon lamp bifocal lens. Generally, the bifocal lens, ballast and xenon lamp are replaced as a complete set. The focus of this approach is to choose reliable quality lenses and ballasts and xenon lamps. The advantage of this method is that after modification, the improvement effect is very obvious, generally 2-3 times higher than the original car halogen lamp. Both paving width and paving distance have increased significantly. It is also a relatively mainstream upgrade method on the market. The disadvantage is that there will be a delay in starting the xenon lamp, and generally choosing a good ballast will shorten its starting time.

The fourth category is to upgrade the headlight assembly. Generally, there are two types, upgrading the original headlight assembly and upgrading the auxiliary factory headlight assembly. The advantage of upgrading the original headlight assembly is that you dont damage the original lights, you dont have to worry about annual inspections, and the installation is easier. The disadvantage is that the cost is higher, there are fewer channels, and the price/performance ratio is not high. The advantage of upgrading the sub-factory assembly is that it is easy to install and has a beautiful appearance. It usually comes with some running lights and decorative lights. The disadvantages are that the quality cannot be compared with that of the original manufacturer, the service life is short, it cannot pass the annual inspection, and the effect of xenon suit replacement is often not achieved when paving roads.

Car lighting upgrade classification 2

Hangzhou Dikalon lighting upgrade includes Osram, Philips, Auglaidi, DS and other big brand car lights.

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