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Cars sometimes cry. Can you tell the difference between foggy headlights and water damage?

Cars sometimes cry. Can you tell the difference between foggy headlights and water damage? 1

Car headlights, also known as car headlights and car LED daytime running lights, as the eyes of the car, are not only related to the external image of a car owner, but also closely related to safe driving at night or in bad weather conditions.

In fact, it is normal for car headlights to fog up and condense a lot of water droplets. However, car owners often think that there is water in their headlights as soon as they see water droplets. How to correctly distinguish whether the headlights are filled with water or fogged? How to deal with it in actual use?


This phenomenon is most likely to occur in winter and rainy seasons. Drivers do not need to worry too much when encountering this situation. The reason why headlights fog up is mostly due to high air humidity, which causes water vapor in the air to condense in the headlights. The cause of fogging is only related to the humidity of the air, not due to car washing, rain, snow, etc. Generally, there is not much water vapor that condenses when fogging up the headlights. After turning on the headlights for 15 minutes, the water vapor will evaporate and will not remain in the headlights.

Cars sometimes cry. Can you tell the difference between foggy headlights and water damage? 2

Water ingress:

In addition to changes in the weather, human factors can also cause car lights to turn into "tear eyes". A large amount of water accumulates inside the car headlights during vehicle wading, car washing, etc., indicating that the headlights have been seriously lax and water has entered. At this time, there is not only a lot of fog but also a lot of water inside the car headlights. If your car's headlights always have a lot of fog and water accumulation after washing, raining, or snowing, then your headlights must be replaced or re-sealed.

Brother Cha reminds:

You are not afraid of foggy car headlights. What you are afraid of is water getting into the car headlights. Once water gets in, it will seriously affect the lighting effect of the headlights and make driving unsafe. If your car's headlights are flooded and they are within the warranty period, go to the 4S store to have them replaced. Water in the headlights is a quality problem and you can claim for compensation.

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