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Changan CS75 PLUS has constant problems. Can I still buy the 2022 model?

"When the new car has traveled 8,000 kilometers, the door shakes and the seats make abnormal noises. Since purchasing the car in January 2021, the center grille has aged, the car logo has cracked, the carbon fiber on the left has faded, the carbon fiber of the rear taillight has faded, and the side of the window has appeared. Problems such as cracking of the strips." Recently, Mr. Wu from Guangdong complained to the Automobile Professional Network that the 2021 Changan CS75 PLUS he purchased had various problems.

Regarding the abnormal noise in the car door, Mr. Wu said that the manufacturer had replaced the rubber strips but it had no effect. In the past two days, the 4S store had also come to repair the door but it was not solved. In response to this matter, all the manufacturer can do is to urge the 4S store to carry out repairs. However, after so long repairs, problems still occur one after another.

On a third-party car quality evaluation platform, the editor of "Auto Professional Network" noticed that the 2021 Changan CS75 PLUS does have typical abnormal noises, including abnormal noises in doors and windows, abnormal noises in the steering system, and abnormal noises in the braking system. Among them, the problem of abnormal noise in doors and windows reported by Mr. Wu exists on the 2020 to 2022 Changan CS75 PLUS. It seems that this is a long-standing "chronic disease."

Changan CS75 PLUS has constant problems. Can I still buy the 2022 model? 1

In addition to a series of abnormal noise problems, problems such as audio and video system failures, vehicle interconnection failures, rust on the car body, bubbling and cracking of the paint surface, etc. are also criticized by car owners. Among them, complaints about 2020 Changan CS75 PLUS audio-visual system failures and in-vehicle interconnection failures reached 2,537 and 1,936 respectively.

Previously, the editor of "Auto Professional Network" also reported problems with the 2020 Changan CS75 PLUS audio and video system. According to car owners, in the early stages of purchasing the car, the model had problems with the 360 ​​panoramic images on the left and right sides and the reversing screen being blurry, which seriously affected driving safety and was completely inconsistent with the high-definition quality officially promoted. While the 2020 Changan CS75 PLUS's extensive after-sales problems have not been resolved, the 2021 model has been launched early, and audio and video system problems still exist in the new model.

Changan CS75 PLUS has constant problems. Can I still buy the 2022 model? 2

As the predecessor model of Changan CS75 PLUS, the editor has also reported on a series of problems of Changan CS75. At that time, Mr. Guo, a car owner of Changan CS75, also reported various problems of Changan CS75 to the editor.

"The interior trim around the sunroof is falling off, the engine parts are rusting, the paint bulges on the doors are cracked and rusty, the brakes are too soft and noisy, the brakes cannot be stopped suddenly, and the central control screen on the instrument panel has a black screen and crashes." Mr. Guo said that he has not bought the car until now. Problems kept arising and the car kept being repaired. In this regard, the 4S store staff also said that this was a process problem in Changan and it was a normal phenomenon. Previously, Changan CS75 once topped the monthly complaint list due to typical problems such as increased engine oil, engine exhaust failure, and high engine fuel consumption.

As an upgraded product of Changan CS75, Changan CS75 PLUS only has changes in appearance, but the "three major parts" are still used as old products, and there are many quality defects that persist, such as gearbox failure and paint peeling. Bubble cracking, etc.

Changan CS75 PLUS has constant problems. Can I still buy the 2022 model? 3

The CS75 series has always been an important pillar of Changan Automobile's sales, and the current flagship product of the CS75 series is CS75 PLUS. The latest data shows that Changan's CS75 series sales were 20,654 units in November, of which CS75 PLUS sales were 15,570 units. From January to November, CS75 The cumulative sales volume of the series is around 270,000 units.

As a competitor of the national car Haval H6, the Changan CS75 series is temporarily ranked second in the SUV sales rankings, but it is far higher than the sales volume of its old rivals Geely Boyue, RAVR, CR-V and X-Trail. It is expected to compete with Haval H6 has the momentum and strength to compete for the annual total sales championship.

In a situation where sales are booming, the reputation of Changan CS75 PLUS cannot be separated from product quality. Although Changan CS75 PLUS has a sporty and eye-catching appearance, these are not the "core factors" for purchase. We must know that the previous decline in sales of Changan CS75 is closely related to the reputation of product quality. The upgraded Changan CS75 PLUS should not repeat the same mistake.

On August 31 this year, the 2022 Changan CS75 PLUS was officially launched. Several sporadic complaints subsequently appeared on a third-party car quality evaluation platform. Among them, the problems of abnormal noise in doors and windows and bubbling and cracking of the paint surface were prominently listed, but more A comprehensive analysis requires further observation.

Changan CS75 PLUS has constant problems. Can I still buy the 2022 model? 4

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