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collect! A must see! An introductory guide to car light modification in one go

collect! A must see! An introductory guide to car light modification in one go 1

As an indispensable part of the car, headlights not only provide the basic function of illuminating the road, but also play a key role in improving the appearance. Therefore, there is also a saying in the car modification industry that the light should be changed first, and the bright light will cover up the three ugly things. Replacing your car with advanced headlights can be said to be one of the modification solutions with the highest return on investment. It is an option that almost all car enthusiasts who want to modify and upgrade cannot avoid. @FREECAR car momentum

collect! A must see! An introductory guide to car light modification in one go 2

Nowadays, my country's car ownership has long been among the top in the world. The car modification industry that has been born along with it not only meets the individual needs of consumers, but also brings new increments to the development of the automobile industry. In 2018, the country issued policy 1 to unfreeze the automobile modification industry instructions from the top level. The automobile modification industry, which has been in the "gray area" for a long time, has gradually moved towards formalization and legalization. In particular, the new version of the Motor Vehicle Inspection Regulations 2 further relaxes the restrictions on car modifications, and also makes the modification of car lights no longer limited to the annual vehicle inspection, and there are laws to follow.

The "Implementation Plan for Improving the System and Mechanism for Promoting Consumption (2018-2020)" issued by the General Office of the State Council in October 2018 clearly stated that "actively develop automobile racing, tourism, culture, modification and other related industries, and deeply tap the potential of the automotive aftermarket. "

The "Motor Vehicle Inspection Work Procedures (GA801-2019)" clarifies the inspection qualification requirements for the appearance and shape of the vehicle. Passenger vehicles can be equipped with roof racks, entrances and exits without changing the length, width and main body structure of the vehicle and ensuring safety. Step parts, replacement of radiator masks and/or bumpers, replacement of wheel hubs, etc.; the light-transmitting surfaces of external lighting fixtures should be complete, and there should be no obvious difference in the color of the light-transmitting surfaces of external lighting fixtures that are symmetrically arranged and have the same function.

collect! A must see! An introductory guide to car light modification in one go 3

Common car light sources currently on the market include halogen, xenon, LED and laser. Among them, LED has been widely used in the automotive field due to its characteristics such as high brightness, low power consumption, long life, and fast response. Among the new models launched by major domestic car companies, the assembly rate of LED light sources has increased year by year, which is enough to prove that Chinese car owners have higher performance requirements for car lighting.

collect! A must see! An introductory guide to car light modification in one go 4

In the field of car lighting modification, the company has also transitioned from replacing high-brightness halogen bulbs and xenon lens light sets to installing bifocal lens products. Compared with previous illegal modification solutions such as "Angel Eyes" and "Devil Eyes", modified high-quality bifocal lenses can fully meet the non-glare and brightness standards required by regulations and ensure vehicle driving safety. At the same time, bifocal lens products have also established a firm foothold in the market with their advantages of more concentrated light (non-dazzling) and high brightness, and have gradually evolved products with better performance to meet the growing upgrade needs of consumers.

collect! A must see! An introductory guide to car light modification in one go 5

Whether it is creating a safer driving environment or providing a higher-performance lighting experience, bifocal lens products can take care of both, and have naturally become the mainstream choice on the market. However, there are many modification products on the market, and car light modification is the "first experience" of modification for many novices, so it is difficult to distinguish the pros and cons for a while.

How to choose reliable and guaranteed modified car lights?

First, avoid products that are underpriced or copycat. The price of some products is usually much lower than the average market price, and the workmanship and materials used for important components such as lenses, heat dissipation, and main controls often shrink. Therefore, problems such as poor heat dissipation, poor light pattern, and low lifespan may occur.

Secondly, avoid products with aggressive product promotions. Most of the parameters of these products are falsely marked, often exaggerating the power or irradiation distance to create gimmicks. In fact, car lighting products should strictly comply with the vehicle's electrical load standards, and at the same time, they should meet the rigorous testing of automotive-grade products. Consumers should not blindly pursue new and innovative products when making choices, which could lead to hidden dangers for car safety.

collect! A must see! An introductory guide to car light modification in one go 6

Therefore, regular big brands are undoubtedly a better choice for consumers. These brands are more guaranteed in terms of technical reserves, product quality, and after-sales service. Choosing products from these brands can reduce many unnecessary troubles for modification and upgrade.

collect! A must see! An introductory guide to car light modification in one go 7

Due to the rigor of automobile production and manufacturing, automobile manufacturers have strict standards when selecting parts to supply. Being able to become an OE supplier for a well-known car company is the best certification for technology and quality. When it comes to the lighting field, OSRAM is not only able to continuously supply OE lighting components to world-renowned car companies, but also leads the technological upgrade of the automotive lighting industry with its own R&D capabilities. At the same time, it can provide global automotive aftermarket users with a complete system and various types of vehicle lighting products.

collect! A must see! An introductory guide to car light modification in one go 8

OSRAM, as a century-old German brand, is not only a technology pioneer and manufacturer in the lighting field, but also one of the earliest suppliers dedicated to developing and providing automotive lighting products and services. Whether in China or in the global market, OSRAM has a huge user audience. Taking the current automobile market as an example, every two cars in China and every three cars in the world are equipped with OSRAM light sources. At the same time, mainstream luxury car brands such as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, as well as many popular new car companies, have also adopted the light sources provided by OSRAM. At that time, the BMW i8, the first mass-produced model with laser headlights that shocked everyone, was equipped with a light source provided by OSRAM, which added luster to its sci-fi appearance. The brilliance was bright enough to leave its name in the history of the automobile industry.

collect! A must see! An introductory guide to car light modification in one go 9

Since its development in 1919, OSRAM has established approximately 44 production bases in 16 countries around the world, and entered China in 1995. It is headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong, with a total of 4 production bases and 5 R&D centers. As a new member of the series, its bifocal lens products come from the Foshan factory. Product development and production comply with OSRAM's global unified standards and pass strict vehicle-level testing. At the same time, they also fully consider the actual needs of Chinese consumers. At present, this series has launched a variety of car light modification products to bring a more excellent lighting experience to the majority of car owners.

collect! A must see! An introductory guide to car light modification in one go 10

It is no exaggeration to say that OSRAM is a "light factory behind the light factory". For more than a hundred years, we have persisted in technological innovation and led the development of automotive lighting with excellent technology. At the same time, we uphold ingenuity and use globally unified quality control standards to continue to win the trust of major car companies and car owners. @FREECAR car momentum

collect! A must see! An introductory guide to car light modification in one go 11

OSRAM car lights light up your beautiful life.

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