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Cost-effective upgrade solution for halogen headlights, high-voltage enhanced PK plug-in LED, which

A very realistic scenario.

Perhaps in less than a month, hundreds of millions of Chinese car owners will embark on a journey of driving thousands of kilometers. Some of them will drive back home, from Xinjiang to the southeast, from the coast to the inland, Various ones spanning thousands of kilometers from north to south of the motherland. Of course, self-driving trips during the Spring Festival are also indispensable.

But no matter what, this is China's largest annual movement of people, and correspondingly, it is also the largest window for long-distance driving of motor vehicles.

Cost-effective upgrade solution for halogen headlights, high-voltage enhanced PK plug-in LED, which  1

And here, whether you are a member of the family returning home, or the one who takes the whole family out for a self-driving trip during the Spring Festival, it is inevitable that there will be more or less driving conditions at night, and when driving at night, the safety of the vehicle Lighting is particularly important. In addition to the civilized use of lights and the use of lights according to regulations, the lighting capabilities of your car are very worthy of attention. This includes the maximum illumination distance, horizontal illumination width, and lumen value and Color temperature.

Only a good lamp set can protect safety to the greatest extent. Therefore, many car owners have embarked on the road of "light modification", hoping to replace their candle lamps with truly usable ones.

So today, the author will take stock of the pros and cons of various transformation plans for everyone.

[Before changing the lamp, let’s first talk about the form of light and illumination]

Cost-effective upgrade solution for halogen headlights, high-voltage enhanced PK plug-in LED, which  2

Why should we talk about this first? Actually, it lies in "reasonable modification". After all, except for a few wealthy people who "play with cars", most people hope to complete the most reasonable solution with the least cost.

The reasonable premise is that you first need to understand what kind of light and illumination form your car's original factory uses.

First use the elimination method. If the original manufacturer already has a model with LED matrix or laser headlights, then no one will want to modify it. Then, most of the remaining car owners must have halogen light sources, or a small amount of xenon. light source.

Using halogen as the light source, the current illumination forms include reflective bowls and lenses. The advantage of the former is that it has a wider illumination range based on the same light source; the latter has the advantage of focusing light, paving effect and relatively long-distance lighting effect. will be better.

Cost-effective upgrade solution for halogen headlights, high-voltage enhanced PK plug-in LED, which  3

Similarly, xenon light sources also have a combination of reflective bowl and lens, but most of the original ones have lenses.

In other words, before modification, the headlights of any car should be clearly defined as to what light source it is and what type of illumination it is. At the same time, it is also necessary to confirm whether the high and low beams are integrated.

As for the way of observation, the lens and the reflective bowl are easy to distinguish. The reflective bowl is the one that can directly see the bulb, and the lens is the other way around. Then you can look inside the lamp unit. When the high and low beams are turned on, if the high and low beams are emitted from the same place, then It is one body, otherwise it is divided.

After completing the prerequisite work, we can move on to the next section.

[Halogen, xenon, LED, laser, which one is most suitable? 】

Cost-effective upgrade solution for halogen headlights, high-voltage enhanced PK plug-in LED, which  4

Let’s talk about halogen first. The advantage is low cost, but other than that, it is currently at a disadvantage against all other opponents.

Therefore, halogen modification is currently the highlight.

If your car is in the form of a halogen + reflective bowl and is integrated, my cost-effective upgrade suggestion is to keep the reflective bowl and only upgrade the bulbs to enhanced halogen lamps, such as high-voltage brightened halogen lamps from big brands such as Osram and Philips. It is recommended that the color temperature should not exceed 5000K, that is, the one without all the blue coating, which can significantly enhance the lumen value and color temperature, enhance lighting capabilities, and have no negative effects, including the original car light tangent and dazzling degree will not change, and at the same time It is a halogen bulb, which can maximize the performance of the original factory adjustment data.

Cost-effective upgrade solution for halogen headlights, high-voltage enhanced PK plug-in LED, which  5

(Don’t choose those that are all blue-coated)

If it is a split type of halogen + reflective bowl, the author's suggestion is to use a brightened halogen lamp for the low beam, which can ensure the safety of the opposite direction at all times while increasing the brightness. At the same time, the high beam should be changed to a plug-in LED bulb, but it needs Note that the angle must be adjusted after installation. First, it reduces astigmatism and increases the illumination distance. Second, it does not cause excessive dazzling. Another point that needs to be emphasized is that for high-beam LED bulbs at this time, it is recommended to choose products with as high a power as possible, because the reflective bowl itself is not as light-gathering as a lens, and higher power will bring a more direct illumination distance.

The second possibility is that your car's original halogen lens has a lens.

If it is an integrated lens for high and low beams, the most reasonable solution is to directly modify the in-line LED. Do not buy enhanced halogen bulbs. The actual difference between the two is like that between a train and an airplane, between the sky and the ground.

Or in numerical terms, assuming that the brightness and illumination distance of the original ordinary halogen is 1, then the enhanced halogen is 2, and the direct plug-in LED is 3.

After all, even if the original lens is not specially adjusted for LED, in the current context of direct-plug LEDs that can adjust the angle, the tangent and the degree of concentration, the irradiation distance and the irradiation width can all achieve good results.

Cost-effective upgrade solution for halogen headlights, high-voltage enhanced PK plug-in LED, which  6

However, there is another situation that many car owners will encounter, which is the split type, and most of them have a lens for the low beam and a reflective bowl for the high beam.

For this combination, the author’s most cost-effective upgrade suggestion is to use cheap low-power LEDs directly plugged into the low beam, which is already better than the original halogen. The money saved can be used for the high beam of the reflector bowl. Due to its structural reasons, better and more powerful LED bulbs are naturally needed for better effects.

For example, you can have the low beam cost less than 400 yuan and the high beam cost around 1,000 yuan.

Of course, there is a more cost-effective solution, which is to keep the low-beam halogen unchanged. After all, the driving environment is mostly urban roads where the driving environment is pure low-beam. Street lighting can make up for its own shortcomings, and only change the high-beam to high-power direct-plug LED. .

Cost-effective upgrade solution for halogen headlights, high-voltage enhanced PK plug-in LED, which  7

From the above point of view, car owners whose original factory uses halogen light sources can improve the light source in different ways while retaining the original lighting material. From enhanced halogen lamps to direct plug-in LEDs, a variety of solutions are available.

As for why the author does not recommend replacing with a full set of xenon or LED, or even laser headlights. To be honest, the original ones all use halogen lamps, which are basically low-end models. There is really no need to spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to replace them with such good ones. If you really have more money, it is better to just replace the car.

Cost-effective upgrade solution for halogen headlights, high-voltage enhanced PK plug-in LED, which  8

There is also a need to modify the lamps. The original factory is xenon headlights. This type of modification appeal is nothing more than envy of the color temperature and startup speed of LEDs. My suggestion is that if you really want to change, it is not recommended to use in-line LEDs. , because in terms of illumination brightness, distance and width, it is difficult for rear-mounted in-line LEDs to surpass the original xenon headlights. The only advantage is that they start up faster. Therefore, if you are really willing to spend money to modify it, it is recommended to replace it with a complete set of LED assembly with lens and abandon the original assembly.

Only in this way will you think that the effect is all-around better than your previous original xenon drops. Otherwise, the gain outweighs the loss.

Cost-effective upgrade solution for halogen headlights, high-voltage enhanced PK plug-in LED, which  9

(pixel headlight)

As for whether the original manufacturer already has matrix LED, or laser headlights or even pixel headlights, I don’t know what you mean by clicking on the article. Anyway, you definitely have no need for modification.

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