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Do you also have these concerns about upgrading your car lights? Experienced driver who professional

Nowadays, there are more and more car light upgrade shops. As car owners, many car owners are still full of worries about car light upgrades. On the one hand, they are worried that they will not be able to pass the annual review after upgrading their car lights. On the other hand, they are also worried about the quality of car light upgrade shops. Technology cannot meet its own requirements for car light upgrades. Today, let TU-directional headlights dispel your worries.

Do you also have these concerns about upgrading your car lights? Experienced driver who professional 1

In fact, everyone’s concerns about car light upgrades can be summarized as these points. Tuxiang also answered your questions one by one:

1. After upgrading the car lights, there are water droplets inside the lights. The headlights are not absolutely sealed. There are exhaust holes behind each headlight. When some humid air enters the inside of the headlights, some fog will appear on the corners of the lights when the lights are turned on. This is also a normal phenomenon. Before you If you don't upgrade your headlights, you won't notice this problem.

2. Is spontaneous combustion related to upgrading the headlights? Such incidents have never happened in ordinary amateur car light upgrade shops, let alone professional car light upgrade shops. In fact, many owners of modified vehicles increase the power of halogen bulbs privately. In order to avoid the fuse blowing and increasing the fuse ampere, the cause of spontaneous combustion is Caused by blindly changing the original car circuit power without authorization.

3. The upgraded car lights cannot pass the annual inspection. Because the LED large light type is standard, the brightness and illumination angle are fully in line with the standards. And even if you don't upgrade, your original car's halogen lights will still fail the annual inspection if they are too dim.

4. Will it break after one or two years after the upgrade? LED car lights strive for excellence in all aspects of lamp body material selection and heat dissipation design to minimize light attenuation, as long as the normal service life is longer than that of halogen lamps.

Do you also have these concerns about upgrading your car lights? Experienced driver who professional 2

Judging from the above, are you still worried about upgrading your car lights?

Compared to DIY lights modification, it is safer to let a professional car light upgrade shop carry out car light upgrades. Because some of our car owners often have such a misunderstanding, changing the lights is just a simple replacement of a light bulb, but it is not the case. If you simply install a bare xenon lamp or a bare LED bulb without adding a lens, there will be no professional lens for refraction or the focal length will be incorrect, causing the light to be scattered, messy, and poor.

Not only can you not see the road clearly, but also the people on the other side cannot see clearly. This can be said to be harmful to others and yourself, and is banned in most areas. Therefore, it is the best choice to go to a professional car lighting shop to upgrade the lights.

Warm reminder from Tuxiang Car Lights: Modified LED headlights must be equipped with integrated lenses. Otherwise, bare LEDs will cause the lights to diverge. Not only will you not be able to see the road clearly, but it will also cause glare to other drivers. Annual inspections and traffic police will also be particularly concerned. take care of. The LED variable frequency high-beam lens independently developed by Tuxiang Car Lights has the function of intelligent frequency conversion, and the irradiation distance can reach 600 meters. It is better than laser without laser.

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