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Do you know what to do if your car headlights become foggy or have water in them?

Many drivers will encounter water mist in the headlights of their cars after raining or after washing the car. In fact, it is normal for car headlights to have water mist, and car owners do not need to worry too much. The headlights generate a lot of heat when they are working, and there is a vent for heat dissipation on the back cover of the headlights. Moisture in the air will enter the headlights through it and adhere to the lampshade, forming water. The beads then flowed down the lampshade. This usually occurs in winter and rainy seasons.

So how to deal with water mist in the headlights? Regarding the occurrence of water mist in the headlights, we should deal with it in two situations.

Do you know what to do if your car headlights become foggy or have water in them? 1

Headlights fog up

When the rainy season, heavy rain or winter comes, the headlights go out and the temperature inside the lamp unit drops, and moisture in the air easily enters the cavity of the lamp unit through the vents. When the temperature inside the headlight cavity is unbalanced and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the lampshade is too large, water vapor in the humid air will condense on the surface of the inner lampshade, usually concentrating on the lower half. In this case, we don’t need to do any additional processing. The mist will dissipate after the rain and the sky clears up. You can also turn on the headlights to speed up the dissipation of the mist. Usually, after the car lights are turned on for a period of time, the mist will pass through the breather tube with the heat. If it is discharged outside the lamp, it will not cause damage to the headlight and circuit.

When washing a car, we occasionally find that the headlights fog up. This is because the water gun used by the car wash workers is too high or the headlights are sprayed for too long, and water vapor enters the headlights under the pressure. Internally, it will also condense on the inner wall of the lamp cavity, causing water mist to appear on the inner wall of the lamp cavity. This situation generally does not require special treatment, and the water mist will dissipate naturally.

Do you know what to do if your car headlights become foggy or have water in them? 2

Some car owners will ask, if the headlights become foggy, can they use a dryer to bake the surface of the headlights? The answer is no, because the headlight shades of most models are now made of special plastic. If the baking temperature is too high, it will easily cause the headlights to age and turn yellow, or even crack when exposed to cold.

Do you know what to do if your car headlights become foggy or have water in them? 3

Water in the headlight

Water entering the headlight is different from fogging up the headlight. After the water enters the headlight, the water droplets on the inner wall of the lampshade will not evaporate for a long time. In severe cases, water will accumulate inside the lamp cavity. If you find this phenomenon, you should go to a professional store for disassembly as soon as possible. repair. There are many reasons for water in the headlights, the main ones are:

Do you know what to do if your car headlights become foggy or have water in them? 4

Headlight vent blocked

When the ventilation holes of our headlights are blocked, the air cannot circulate normally, and the rate of natural water evaporation will slow down. Moreover, the blocking of the ventilation holes is not conducive to the release of the pressure caused by high temperature in the lamp cavity. Over time, it will accelerate the aging of the lampshade and cause us The lampshade burst.

Do you know what to do if your car headlights become foggy or have water in them? 5

The headlights are not tightly sealed

Some vehicles may have defects such as headlights that are not tightly sealed when they leave the factory. Excessive water will flow into the interior of the lampshade along the gaps when it rains or is washed. However, there are very few cases where the factory headlights are not tightly sealed. It is more likely that the secondary sealing of the headlights is not done well when modifying the headlights, bulbs or replacing the headlights on the vehicle. Therefore, when modifying and replacing headlights, special attention must be paid to the sealing of the headlights.

Do you know what to do if your car headlights become foggy or have water in them? 6

Damaged headlight shade

Vehicles drive very fast on the road, and sometimes it is inevitable that flying stones or foreign objects hit the headlights. Sometimes we just roughly observe the surface of the headlights and there is no problem, but if there are small cracks in the lampshade, the same is true. It will cause the headlights to be loosely sealed and water to enter the headlights. Therefore, after our vehicle is hit by a foreign object, we must check it carefully to ensure that everything is safe.

Do you know what to do if your car headlights become foggy or have water in them? 7

Headlights often fog up, which is related to the design of the headlights. For example, the area of ​​the lampshade is too small, the location of the vents is wrong, and the material of the lampshade, etc., will all be the causes of fogging. Generally speaking, the occurrence of fog inside the lamp cavity is not a quality problem, it is at most a physical phenomenon, so don't worry too much. However, if there is obvious water accumulation inside the lamp cavity, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible to avoid leaving potential safety hazards.

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