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Do you understand the car lights with various light sources?

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Many fans often send questions backstage: Brother Cha, what is the difference between halogen headlights and xenon headlights? Are xenon headlights or LED headlights better? ...Today, Brother Cha will explain to you in detail the differences between the three different light sources of halogen headlights, xenon headlights, and LED headlights, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Do you understand the car lights with various light sources? 1

Halogen headlights

Tungsten lamps filled with halogen elements such as bromine and iodine or halide are called halogen lamps or tungsten halogen lamps. Halogen light source is one of the most common car light sources. Generally speaking, they are called halogen headlights. Because the main component of the lamp body is tungsten, they are also called tungsten halogen lamps or quartz lamps. Evolved from ordinary incandescent lamps, it can be said to be a new generation of incandescent lamps.

Do you understand the car lights with various light sources? 2

Luminous principle

Halogen lamps are a variant of incandescent lamps. Their basic lighting principles are the same as incandescent lamps, which are both thermal radiation light sources. The difference is that the glass shell of the halogen lamp is filled with some halogen element gas (usually iodine or bromine). When the filament receives current from the car, the temperature can reach 2500 degrees Celsius. Light is emitted from this incandescence process.


The structure is simple and the cost is low; the brightness is easy to control and adjust; the light has good color rendering and strong penetrating power; it has a longer service life, higher color temperature and higher luminous efficiency than ordinary incandescent lamps.


The luminous efficiency of halogen lamps is not very high; halogen bulbs generate a lot of heat and waste a lot of energy; the light sources do not converge and cannot be easily concentrated.

Xenon headlights

The first thing to note is that many people refer to "xenon" as "hernia". You must remember here that "xenon" is a chemical gas with extremely inactive chemical properties, and "hernia" is a disease commonly known as "small intestinal gas". The xenon lamp refers to a high-pressure gas discharge lamp that is filled with an inert gas mixture including xenon and does not have the filament of a halogen lamp. It is referred to as a HID xenon lamp. It can also be called a heavy metal lamp or a xenon lamp. It has a very lofty name in the automotive field called "HID gas point headlight."

Do you understand the car lights with various light sources? 3

Luminous principle

By filling a variety of chemical gases, such as xenon and other inert gases, into a UV-resistant crystal quartz glass tube, the vehicle's 12-volt power supply is instantly increased to 23,000 volts through a supercharger. Under the high voltage, the xenon gas will be ionized and in the power supply A light source is generated between the two poles.


The brightness is 3 times that of halogen lamps, which can greatly reduce night driving accidents; high color temperature, it can produce light with a color temperature of 4000-12000, close to the color of midday sunlight, with the highest acceptance and comfort of the human eye; long life; power consumption few.


Compared with halogen lamps, both cost and maintenance costs are higher; xenon lamps require the internal gas to reach a certain temperature to emit light, which causes a certain delay; after emitting light, the color temperature is higher, and the light of xenon lamps Penetration is not good.

LED headlight

LED headlights are lighting fixtures that use LEDs as light sources. LED is an abbreviation, and the full name is Light Emitting Diode. This thing is translated as "light emitting diode". This is a solid-state semiconductor device whose ability is to convert electrical energy directly into visible light. Depending on the material of the inorganic semiconductor, the color of the visible light emitted is also different. LED first appeared on mobile phones, computers, and TV screens. When LEDs first began to become popular, electronic devices carrying this technology were not cheap. LED light sources have gradually become popular in offices, homes, and other places where lighting is used due to their energy saving, long service life, and soft and non-dazzling light. Now, they are also becoming popular in cars.

Do you understand the car lights with various light sources? 4

Luminous principle

LED is a solid semiconductor component. When these semiconductor materials are energized, only a part of the electrical energy will flow through the semiconductor material, and the excess energy is released in the form of light, thereby directly converting electrical energy into light energy.


Strong reliability, long service life, high lumens per watt; solid and simple structure, not susceptible to vibration; fast response speed.


The cost is high; LED clusters have high heat dissipation and are easily damaged.


After reading the introduction of three different light sources, are you suddenly enlightened? In fact, in terms of brightness, halogen headlights are the worst, xenon headlights are moderate, and LED lights are the brightest, and the opposite is true for cost. However, judging from the actual use effect, halogen headlights have no big problem in coping with ordinary night road conditions, while xenon headlights will appear brighter, while LED headlights will be so bright that they will sometimes be affected. Pedestrians or oncoming vehicles, so Brother Cha’s suggestion is that based on reality, it is most suitable to choose halogen headlights or xenon headlights. Of course, in terms of B-level, LED headlights are higher.

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