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Do you understand these lantern languages? Veteran drivers often use light language to communicate,

With the improvement of living conditions, cars have entered thousands of households. As we all know, the role of car lights is not only a decoration on the appearance of the car, but also the eyes of the car at night. Especially at night, lights can provide safety guarantee for the safe driving of our driver friends. Some drivers like to turn on high-beam headlights at night. Such drivers will cause great safety hazards in order to drive safely on the road. When used well, lighting can also play a role in communication and reduce trouble. Veteran drivers often use light language to communicate. The editor below will introduce to you some light signals that experienced drivers know and often use. They can be used when overtaking, which is safe and polite.

Do you understand these lantern languages? Veteran drivers often use light language to communicate,  1

The headlights flashed. Do you usually encounter this situation: waiting for a car at an intersection, when the light turns green, the car in front has not left yet. At this time, use flashing headlights instead of honking the horn all the time, so that it is not easy to let the car in front of you pass by. The person feels impatient or disgusted. The headlights flashed twice. When meeting another car, remind the other party to switch from high beam to low beam. When meeting another car, if the opposite car uses high beam, which seriously affects your field of vision, you can flash the headlights twice to remind the oncoming car to switch to low beam. Low beam lights. If a car with high beams on comes from the opposite side, you can flash the headlights twice to remind the other person to turn off the high beams, because the high beams of the oncoming car will make us unable to see the surrounding road environment clearly, so for us Safety is also out of politeness, and it is perfectly fine to flash the headlights twice.

Do you understand these lantern languages? Veteran drivers often use light language to communicate,  2

The headlights flash three times. This situation is mostly related to vehicle failure. If you are driving on the road and the driver behind you flashes his headlights three times in a row, you should pay special attention at this time, because he is reminding you that there is something wrong with your car. , for example, the fuel tank cap and rear tailgate are not closed, the car is leaking oil and water, or the tire is flat. If you encounter this situation, don't think about anything. For your own safety, you must pull over and check without hesitation. vehicle. Of course, it seems that we usually use double flashes more often. Whether it is a reminder to oncoming vehicles or a light signal when we need to merge, we should remember these. Otherwise, you won’t know if others bother you, and you will encounter a lot of inconvenience.

Do you understand these lantern languages? Veteran drivers often use light language to communicate,  3

Finally, the editor concluded: Light language can enable drivers to establish good communication. For example, when a driver is waiting for a traffic light and finds that the car in front is not moving, many drivers will honk their horns to urge them. Although this behavior is common, it is really annoying. But if you use the flashing headlights to remind you at this time, it will look more graceful and reduce the irritability of being urged by the horn. The use of car light code words is not only to remind everyone that car lights not only ensure your driving safety, but are also an important tool for civilized communication between car owners. Reasonable use of car lights and civilized driving can not only bring convenience to driving, but also slowly say goodbye to road rage, drive safely, spread positive energy, and our "life on the road" will become more harmonious.

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