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ELMOs Introduces the Latest Motor Driver to Solve the Heat Distribution Scheme of LED Tail Lamp

German ELMOs, a supplier of semiconductor technology system solutions, recently announced the launch of the latest motor driver solutions and LED controller IC products, which were displayed during the just concluded Munich Electronics Exhibition. So far, ELMOs has delivered more than 500 million motor driver chips to customers all over the world. In addition, the company also provides special patented heat distribution solutions for LED tail lamps.

ELMOs Introduces the Latest Motor Driver to Solve the Heat Distribution Scheme of LED Tail Lamp 1

E523.06 is a system level single chip scheme for brushless DC motor. It is used in 12V automotive battery system. The chip is composed of MOSFET gate driver and a 16 bit CPU chip. It can control up to 3 half bridge NMOS, and can drive brushless or brushless DC motor and other loads. The CPU architecture and motor peripheral driver have been optimized, which is suitable for field oriented control (FOC) scheme with single sampling resistance. The IC can calculate the motor rotor position and commutation time without adding Hall sensor, and the current sampling resistance becomes the only measuring element for external current. The chip scheme has very high cost performance. At the same time, it also supports JTAG debugging interface or high-speed Lin to realize line online burning. You can use the boot loader for on-board updates. The chip can also be used in products such as cooling fan, air conditioning fan, fuel pump, hydraulic pump, oil pump or water pump.

E522.90/91/92/93 chip is an LED controller device introduced by ELMOs for automobile tail lamp application. The output current of each channel of e522.9x product series is 14mA to 55mA. When working in parallel, the maximum output of a single chip is 165ma. Even under harsh heat dissipation conditions, this patented power management chip can ensure the constant current characteristics of LED in the whole working range. The scheme is designed with external shunt resistance, which can dissipate the additional power consumption through the external resistance, and distribute the power consumption to the external devices and PCB in proportion to avoid local hot spots on the PCB. This unique concept avoids additional voltage sags through the linear controller. E522.8x series products with the same characteristics have higher current (48-151ma for a single channel or 450mA for parallel operation). This series of products have several successful application cases and are applied to mainstream European models and some domestic models.

In addition, ELMOs also developed a single-chip lin-rgb controller chip e521.36. The scheme is connected through LIN bus and has 3-channel constant current output to drive RGB lamps. The scheme realizes the design concept of simple, flexible, cost-effective and space saving. The device includes a 16 bit MCU core based on MSP430, 32K byte NVM, 128 byte EEPROM, Lin transceiver with integrated BSM automatic addressing (bus shunting method) (in accordance with Lin 2.2 specification), four channels of constant current source drive up to 40mA / single channel and three 16 bit PWM generators. 48mhz PWM clock ensures that it provides comprehensive 16 bit color resolution at 732hz refresh frequency, realizes no flicker effect, and can meet the use requirements of all OEMs in vehicle atmosphere lamps at present.

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