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Evaluation of Hands-on Experience of Domestic Audi A3 1.4tfsi

There is no doubt that Audi has run ahead of its competitors with a new generation of A3. With an entry price of less than 200000, the domestic Audi A3 equipped with 1.4tfsi has not only won the good impression of "the most people-friendly model" in the competition with Mercedes Benz A-class and BMW 1 series, but also made it possible for many consumers with a budget of 200000 yuan to start a luxury car brand earlier.Of course, in terms of price, domestic Audi A3 does occupy some advantages in the hands of competitors at the same level, but more consumers are still concerned about whether the comprehensive performance of the product itself meets the standard, and today's test will also focus on the driving performance experience of domestic Audi A3 1.4tfsi models. Because my colleagues have introduced the new Audi A3 in detail before, this article will not elaborate too much on the appearance and interior. Interested friends can learn more through extended reading.In terms of appearance design, I don't think it's necessary to say more about the problems of homogeneous products. Looking at the same kind will inevitably lead to the lack of personalization. Fortunately, Audi A3 has a unique Sportback design style, so it's no longer interesting whether the front face is like A6 or A4. The side shape and hatchback tail similar to the station wagon will make people feel different.

Evaluation of Hands-on Experience of Domestic Audi A3 1.4tfsi 1

The domestic new Audi A3 equipped with 1.4tfsi has only a hatchback version to choose from. Compared with the old model, the size has increased. Compared with the same level, you will find that it is developing to a lower and wider shape. However, even if the wheelbase is increased to 2629mm, there is still a certain gap compared with Mercedes Benz A-class and BMW 1 series, but it is certain that it is not crowded in actual performance.Compared with the old 1.4T engine, the parameters of the new 1.4tfsi are significantly improved. The maximum power of 110KW and the maximum torque of 250nm have even reached the power level of the old 1.8T engine, and the parameters are also higher than the two 1.6T low supercharged engines of Mercedes Benz A-class and BMW 1 series, which are closer to the high supercharged version, so it has a small advantage in the same level.Comfort is more clearly reflected in the new Audi A3. The adjustment of chassis and suspension should be softer. It is more comfortable than the old model on bumpy roads. In addition, the steering system has become very lightweight and feels more suitable for women to drive. The sportiness is slightly insufficient, and the domestic Audi A3 1.4tfsi power train does not provide driving mode adjustment.

driving: the power exceeds the expectation, the handling is comfortable and sportyThe 1.4L turbocharged engine of the new model ea211 is equipped in the domestic Audi A3, with a maximum power of 110 kW and a peak torque of 250 nm / 1750-3000 rpm. Compared with the 1.4T power of the old model, the maximum power and torque are increased by 18 kW and 50 nm respectively, which is basically the same as the 1.8T of the old model, and the parameters are also at a high level in the same level.The power combination of 7-speed s-tronic dual clutch transmission and 1.4tfsi doesn't need too much introduction. Low fuel consumption and smoothness provide great help for daily use comfort. In practical experience, Audi's adjustment of transmission is far better than Volkswagen DSG. It starts abruptly with oil and the power drops rapidly when receiving oil. These problems that reduce driving comfort are well suppressed.

In terms of power, this 1.4tfsi engine can give sufficient power in the initial stage. You can feel the rapid intervention of the turbine, but it will not appear too abrupt. The sense of acceleration is not inferior to the old 1.8T turbocharged engine. In general, this 1.4tfsi engine completely exceeded my expectations.

Of course, among the three German luxury brands of ABB, Audi's adjustment has always been relatively balanced, so they also hope that the new Audi A3 will make achievements in sportiness. Although the adjustment of the suspension is softer than the old model, it has good support, but the wrapping feeling of the hard seat is not good, which can not add points to the sports performance. In addition, although the steering system is very accurate, it can not provide too much road feel. In short, Audi's adjustment will not compete with you like driving BMW. It can move, but it can't give people a strong sense of movement.

Evaluation of Hands-on Experience of Domestic Audi A3 1.4tfsi 2

0-100km / h acceleration testBecause the 7-speed s-tronic dual clutch transmission is self-protection, it is not allowed to start at a high speed. Even if you step on the brake to try, the speed will fall down at the moment of starting, and there will be a long delay. Therefore, under the normal full throttle state, the initial acceleration is weak, and the tire does not slip. The maximum acceleration g value is 0.5, and the final acceleration result is 8.83 seconds.The above is a comparison of the acceleration performance of domestic Audi A3 1.4tfsi model with Mercedes Benz A200 and BMW 116I. If the transmission did not drag down, I think the performance of Audi A3 would be better.

100km / H-0 braking testThe initial braking force of the new Audi A3 is very strong, up to -1.2g. Although there are some small fluctuations, it has been maintained at about - 1g since then. The forward inclination of the body is obvious and the dynamic range is relatively large, but the final braking performance of 38.06m is completely satisfactory and remains at a good level in the same level.In the brake comparison, the performance of the three models is very excellent, among which the performance of BMW 116I is amazing, and the performance of Mercedes Benz A200 and Audi A3 are at the same level.

Conclusion:In general, the performance of the new domestic Audi A3 1.4tfsi model is worthy of recognition. This small displacement turbocharged engine not only has good power performance, but also brings more considerable fuel economy, and the further improvement of comfort also strengthens the performance of urban driving. As for sports, If you compare the BMW 1 series, it is obvious that the fun of Audi A3 is not enough, but in addition, I have every reason to give a high score to the new Audi A3.

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