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Fengtai Car Lights: As a newbie, do you know the benefits of upgrading your car lights?

Upgrading car lights is not a big expense for most car owners, and it also requires a small "surgery" on the car. Therefore, many car owners have concerns and conflicts about changing lights. . Although it has become more and more popular to modify car lights, there are still many car owners who still don’t know the benefits of upgrading car lights. Today, Tuxiang Auto Lighting will take the time to educate everyone about the benefits of upgrading car lights.

Fengtai Car Lights: As a newbie, do you know the benefits of upgrading your car lights? 1

Benefit 1 of upgrading car lights: wide field of vision

When driving on an unlit road section at night and the road is narrow and curved, if your car lights are brighter and illuminate wider, then driving safety will definitely be improved a lot.

Benefit 2 of upgrading car lights: long light exposure

Upgrade the car lights to increase the irradiation distance to 50 meters. When the vehicle speed is fast, the reaction time is increased to 4.5S and the irradiation distance is further. It can save lives in a few seconds at critical moments.

The third benefit of upgrading car lights: higher color temperature than halogen lights, more suitable for

Instead of the dim light of halogen lamps, the 5500K is close to daylight. The most comfortable color temperature makes it easier to concentrate and effectively saves fatigue driving.

The fourth benefit of upgrading car lights: long life

The life of the original car halogen lamp is only 500 hours. Calculated at two hours a day, it needs to be replaced in less than a year. The life of the xenon bulb is 5-8 times that of ordinary light bulbs.

Fengtai Car Lights: As a newbie, do you know the benefits of upgrading your car lights? 2

Fengtai Car Lights: As a newbie, do you know the benefits of upgrading your car lights? 3

Five benefits of upgrading car lights: good-looking and high-end

In addition to the bright xenon headlights, there are also a series of upgraded accessories such as angel eyes, devil eyes, daytime running lights, tear eyes, etc., which make it more personalized, cool and dazzling.

Go up to the beacon tower and see further

But in the end, Fengtai Car Lights would like to remind everyone that although there are many benefits to upgrading car lights, you must also use lights in a civilized manner and do not abuse high beams.

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