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Fengtai Car Lights: Four Things to Note When Modifying Car Lights

Nowadays, more and more car owners have entered the field of modification. In the eyes of the traffic control department and the vehicle management office, as long as it has been modified, it is illegal. There is also a saying that it is legal to modify the headlights with xenon lamps whose color temperature does not exceed 4300K. Generally speaking, modifications mainly focus on changing the headlights and interior lights, but also include the installation of strobe lights, chassis lights, position lights, etc.

Modifying car lights should be based on improving safety as the primary starting point, and aesthetics is the second. There are several main methods for modifying car lights:

1. Increase the power of original car light bulbs

Car headlights are generally 55W. This power can basically meet the lighting requirements under normal circumstances. However, some car owners feel that it is not bright enough, so they privately change the bulb power to 60W, 100W or even higher. This modification method is the simplest and most direct, but the hidden dangers have increased. Because the increase in light bulb power directly leads to an increase in current and heat in the circuit, aggravates the aging of the lamp, and puts a greater burden on the engine, battery, etc., in severe cases it may cause the car to spontaneously ignite, so increasing the light power does not This is not a recommended modification method.

2. Replace imported light bulbs

It is often said that imported light bulbs can have better brightness under the same power, and can even increase the brightness by more than 50%. It sounds like it is indeed very impressive that the brightness of the light bulb can be increased without changing the original assembly of the circuit. Tempting, of course, this not only adds a certain amount of expenses, but also brings worries, that is, it may bring unnecessary trouble to yourself during the annual inspection. The editor here recommends that riders think twice and proceed with caution. .

Fengtai Car Lights: Four Things to Note When Modifying Car Lights 1

3. Install a car light booster

If you ask the owner of a modification shop to increase the lighting capabilities of your car while controlling costs, the merchant will most likely recommend installing a car light booster. The editor here not only wants to break the news. In fact, the so-called car light brightener is just a gimmick by the business. It is not as magical as advertised. It is just a kind of psychological comfort for the car owner. The brightener is effective to a certain extent. It may be possible to increase the brightness of the car lights, but it is far from as magical as the merchants boast, so it is recommended that car owners not be overly superstitious about those so-called advanced devices.

4. Replacement of lens lighting system

This is a very popular modification at present. It is a lens lighting assembly called "angel eye". The essence is to imitate the original lighting system of a certain luxury car. Without changing the car lights, a circle of LED luminous lights is added. From a distance, there are four circles inside the car lights, and the lighting system of the car lights is enhanced.

Fengtai Car Lighting reminds you: An important principle followed in vehicle modification is "civilized modification", and the same is true for car lights. Behaviors such as changing lights at will are not only offensive, but also more likely to cause traffic accidents. If you like to change the size of the lights, Lights, please put safety first. I wish everyone safe driving.

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Fengtai Car Lights: Four Things to Note When Modifying Car Lights 2

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