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Fraunhofer IIS Joins Hands with B & O to Create Perfect 3D Sound for Audi Q7 Concept Car

Fraunhofer IIS, a world-renowned audio and multimedia technology research institution, joined hands with Bang & Olufsen, the world's exclusive supplier of high-quality audio and video products, and Audi announced that it had made a breakthrough in the field of vehicle audio 3D sound effect technology. Through tripartite cooperation, the 3D audio solution was introduced into the Audi Q7 concept car and appeared on the Audi booth at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).At present, Bang & Olufsen premium sound system is an optional configuration of Audi Q7. The concept car unveiled at the consumer electronics show shows how the new generation of advanced sound system redefines people's expectations for car sound system.

Fraunhofer IIS Joins Hands with B & O to Create Perfect 3D Sound for Audi Q7 Concept Car 1

Denis cred , director of sound system research and development of Audi AG, said: "At Audi, we continue to establish new sound system standards and strive to improve the experience of music lovers. We believe that the introduction of 3D film has helped define the important development of car sound system in the future: reproducing music in 3D. 3D sound effect will present 3D music more naturally and exciting. This technology brings flowing and open sound effect, which is in line with human auditory system. And fr This collaboration between aunhofer IIS and Bang & Olufsen has enabled us to achieve this vision. "

3D sound adds a new emotional dimension to the user experience

Bjarne s rensen, senior manager of automotive concept creation and communication, said: "Bang & Olufsen car audio system has long been famous for its unique ability to build the car cab into a real high-end listening room. At the same time, with the 3D sound algorithm and related speakers and amplifiers configured on the Audi Q7 concept car, we have added a new and important emotional dimension to the listening experience. The sound experience goes beyond the Limited car cab space and realizes from A wide range of audio experiences from open spaces to the simplest environments such as recording control rooms.

This new listening experience comes from the precise combination of Fraunhofer's professional 3D sound technology and Audi's and Bang & Olufsen's expertise in acoustics. Through the detailed analysis based on psychoacoustic knowledge, the new 3D sound system can create a 3D effect of all users' music by using the detailed analysis of psychoacoustic technology. This analysis intelligently distributes the input signal to the vehicle To create highly realistic 3D sound effects, users can adjust settings and customize their personal 3D experience by simply pressing the button on the Audi multimedia interface.Harald Pope, head of the multimedia real-time system Department of Fraunhofer IIS, said: "Based on our technology and experience in the field of 3D audio, the premium sound system of Audi Q7 concept car not only creates an impressive audio dimension and sense of space, breaks the geometric boundary of the car, but also reproduces real rich music with extreme accuracy, bringing unparalleled music experience. We are very happy to have the opportunity to work with Audi and Bang & Olufsen A unique sound system. "Related technology

Fraunhofer IIS Joins Hands with B & O to Create Perfect 3D Sound for Audi Q7 Concept Car 2

This concept car is driven by a new 23 channel DSP most amplifier, with 23 active speakers and an amplification power of more than 1500 watts. Carefully selected speakers not only add points to the internal structure of the car, but also produce a unique music listening experience comparable to the sound effect of the concert hall.There are two speakers (tweeter and broadband speakers) in the center of the instrument panelThere are two tweeters (left / right) with acoustic lens technology on the instrument panel

One tweeter per A-pillarOne tweeter per A-pillarEach front door is equipped with two speakers - woofer and midrange speaker

Each rear door is equipped with 3 speakers - subwoofer, midrange speaker and one tweeterEach D-pillar is equipped with two surround speakers - tweeters and broadband speakersA closed subwoofer speaker is installed in the spare tire compartment

All speakers are covered by high-grade aluminum grille, reflecting the excellent quality in the car. In addition, the two instrument panel speakers use Bang & Olufsen's patented acoustic lens technology to accurately reproduce the sound. The first application of acoustic lens technology is configured on the Audi A8. Its main advantage is that it can evenly disperse the high-frequency audio, expand the audio range to 180 degrees, and Limit vertical reflection, so you can feel rich sound effects anywhere in the car.firsthand experienceWhile experiencing the new Q7 standard, the revolutionary 3D audio technology came to the scene at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. In addition, Bang & Olufsen series products brought a shocking auditory experience, including:

Bang & Olufsen car audio system patented acoustic lens technology: 18 Bang & Olufsen fully active speakers, including 7 floor mounted BeoLab 5 and ceiling mounted BeoLab 3.Built in Speaker: icepower amplifier over 20kwUltimate home theater experience: beovision 4103 inch plasma TV.

cooperative partnerIn 2005, Bang & Olufsen joined hands with Audi to bring a number of innovative technologies to the automotive audio field. Both companies are committed to technological innovation, development and innovative design. At present, the two companies joined hands with Fraunhofer IIS, a world-famous audio and acoustic signal processing research institution, to bring the Audi Q7 concept car, which is a new landmark in the automotive audio field.About Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen was founded by Peter bang and Sven Olufsen in 1925 in danmestrul. Two young engineers who are determined to innovate are committed to pursuing high-quality audio reproduction. Since then, with the inheritance of traditional exquisite workmanship and the persistent pursuit of high-tech R & D, this brand has become a symbol of excellent performance and outstanding design. Bang & Olufsen is maintaining its local technology At the same time, taking full advantage of its rich experience in integrated audio-visual solutions, its products have successfully expanded from home applications to hotels, cars and other fields. Bang & Olufsen's current product range covers seamless media experience in home, car and mobile. For more information, please visit www.bang-olufsen.com.

Bang & Olufsen automobile provides its partners with an on-board sound system, which brings unprecedented sound quality and hearing experience to drivers and passengers. In addition to exquisite traditional production technology and aluminum polishing technology, the system also considers the combination of emotional appeal and technical performance, which is also a long-standing symbol of Bang & Olufsen automobile. Bang & Olufsen automobile launched its first car sound system in 2005 Sound system, and will continue to carry out technological innovation and improvement with partners in the automotive industry.About Fraunhofer IISThe audio and multimedia Department of Fraunhofer IIS is headquartered in Erlangen, Germany. It has rich experience in the field of compressed audio technology for more than 20 years, and has become a technological innovation leader in cutting-edge multimedia systems. Fraunhofer IIS is the main inventor of MP3 technology, AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) technology and a number of technologies for the future media world (including MPEG surround sound and Fraunhofer audio communication engine).

After more than 20 years of research and exploration, Fraunhofer IIS has authorized more than 1000 companies to use its audio coding software and custom software for specific applications. Fraunhofer estimates that more than 5 billion commercial products around the world use Fraunhofer's MP3, AAC and other media technologies. Fraunhofer IIS is the Fraunhofer Application Research Promotion Association headquartered in Munich Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Fraunhofer Gesellschaft is the largest applied research institution in Europe, and part of its research funds come from the German government. Fraunhofer Gesellschaft consists of 60 research institutes, covering a very wide range of research fields and has 20000 employees worldwide. For more information, please contact Matthias rose, Matthias rose@iis.fraunhofer.de , or visit www.iis.com fraunhofer.de/amm

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