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Good Luck Tips | "Modify the headlights", do you think it's okay?

There are many car enthusiasts who really can't restrain their desire to modify their cars. When consulting Xiaoji, they said: "I really want to modify the car lights, but I am afraid that the modification will have bad effects after modification. What should I do?" ." So, can the car lights be changed? What Xiaoji wants to say is that it is not recommended to change the car lights!

So what is the reason for not recommending it? If you want to know the answer, please read below patiently.

Good Luck Tips | Modify the headlights, do you think it's okay? 1

The dangers of modifying car lights

1. Potential risks to the vehicle’s electricity environment

When the vehicle leaves the factory, engineers fully consider the vehicle's power environment, power consumption, line selection, electromagnetic avoidance and other issues, and install matching lights.

Unauthorized modification of headlights will change the circuit, wire specifications and output power of the original car, and produce electromagnetic interference that affects the normal operation of other electrical equipment. It may even cause the wiring to be burned or short-circuited, causing the risk of burning the car.

Good Luck Tips | Modify the headlights, do you think it's okay? 2

2. The rationality of lighting during modification cannot be guaranteed.

The quality and technology of modified headlights in the market are uneven, lack standardized standard constraints, and lack safety guarantees. "Modified lights" not only cannot help car owners see the road clearly, but will also cause the driver's vision to be unclear, thus posing safety risks!

Color temperature description

3000K== golden light, easy to use on rainy days and has strong penetrating power

4300K== yellow-white light, easy to use in haze/sunny/rainy days

6000K== white light, very good on sunny days

8000K== white and blue light, basically useless in rainy days

10000K== Blu-ray, it basically shines on people but not on the road.

12000K== blue and purple, basically looking after people but not the way.

Remember: When modifying car lights, if you are busy pursuing the "K" value, or do not pay attention to the rationality of the "K" value, you will be unable to see the road clearly on rainy days, seriously affecting driving safety!

Good Luck Tips | Modify the headlights, do you think it's okay? 3

3. The modification quality of the car lights itself cannot be guaranteed.

1. The dangers of replacing xenon headlights without permission

Modifying xenon headlights and adding lenses will damage the original car headlights. It requires separating the headlight lampshade from the base and resealing it after installation. The sealant also needs to be reapplied. After installing the lens, it often leads to water intrusion into the car lights due to poor sealing, which is not worth the loss.

A fatal weakness of substandard xenon lamps is that they take several seconds to activate when the headlight switch is flipped. In these few seconds, a car accident may happen at any time.

Good Luck Tips | Modify the headlights, do you think it's okay? 4

2. The dangers of replacing LED headlights without permission

LED particles emit light in a planar shape, which places higher requirements on the reflective bowl and lens group inside the headlight. Replacing the LED may cause the light pattern of the headlight itself to change, which cannot meet the national light distribution requirements; the light pattern may be partially over-bright. , some parts are dark, affecting the safety of oncoming traffic or making it impossible to see surrounding objects.

More importantly, LED is a cold light source. When modifying LED headlights, in addition to installing LED drive modules and power plugs, a heat sink is also required. Due to the limited internal space of the car lights, interference or small gaps are prone to occur during installation, which affects the height adjustment of the low beam. In serious cases, it may cause a short circuit and a fire.

Good Luck Tips | Modify the headlights, do you think it's okay? 5

4. Modification is prohibited by the state, and the parts involved are not covered by warranty.

Modified cars cannot pass the car inspection line. In a sense, unauthorized modification of cars is prohibited. Moreover, if the original circuit is changed during the warranty period, the related parts involved will not be covered by the warranty, and the insurance company may refuse to settle the claim.

Good Luck Tips | Modify the headlights, do you think it's okay? 6

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