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Halogen headlights are not bright enough. Should I really replace them with LEDs?

Although LED headlights are bright, upgrading LED headlights yourself will not only affect driving safety, but also increase the risk of spontaneous combustion. Choosing the same type of lamp beads for upgrade is the best choice.

LED headlights have many benefits, but have limitations

  • LED lights are brighter than halogen lights

Replacing halogen headlights with LEDs is to obtain higher brightness. There is data from Hella's official website. When the power is similar, the brightness of LED headlights is 2 to 3 times that of halogen headlights.

Halogen headlights are not bright enough. Should I really replace them with LEDs? 1

However, although LED headlights have high brightness, they also have shortcomings.

For example, in weather with low visibility such as rain and fog, the penetration of LED headlights is not as good as that of halogen lights. This is caused by "Rayleigh scattering" and "Micro-Debye scattering principles" .

You don’t need to worry about the specifics. Simply put, in rainy and foggy weather, large suspended particles in the air will block visible light. The longer the wavelength and the higher the color temperature of light, the worse the penetration effect.

In human terms, the whiter the light looks, the weaker its penetrating power, and the yellower it looks, the better its penetrating power.

Halogen headlights are not bright enough. Should I really replace them with LEDs? 2

  • But the penetrability of LED lights is worse than that of halogen lights

The color temperature of halogen lamps is usually 3000 Kelvin, which is 3000K in vernacular, and appears yellow. The color temperature of LED lights is generally 5500K, which looks white.

Therefore, in rainy and foggy weather, the penetration of LED lights is indeed worse than that of halogen lights.

The halogen lights are like 8 lanes, and the LEDs are like 2 lanes, but at a very fast speed, the mountain suddenly collapsed, blocking 2 lanes. The halogen lights left 6 lanes open, and the LEDs were completely wiped out and could not be driven.

Many cars with standard halogen lamps will be equipped with special fog lamps to take advantage of the strong penetrating characteristics of halogen lamps.

For example, when the low-end Fit replaces the halogen lamps with LEDs, if you lose these two configurations of fog lamps in rainy and foggy days, it will become "blind" and not cost-effective.

Halogen headlights are not bright enough. Should I really replace them with LEDs? 3

  • Although the temperature of the LED lamp is not too high, it generates concentrated heat

The heating points of LED headlights are more concentrated, which can easily lead to the aging of plastic parts and increase the risk of spontaneous combustion.

It is introduced in "Research on Heat Dissipation and Light Attenuation of LED Automobile Headlights" that although the average temperature of halogen lamps is higher than that of LED lamps, the heating parts are uniform and the heat is mainly concentrated on the glass structure of the lamp beads. The temperature of the base is Relatively low.

However, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of LED lights is not very high. 60% to 90% of the electrical energy will be converted into heat energy, which is concentrated near the LED chip.

After the heat is dissipated by the heat sink, it will accumulate near the base of the headlight assembly. For high-power LED headlights, the temperature at the base can even reach 200~300°C.

Halogen headlights are not bright enough. Should I really replace them with LEDs? 4

Just like a halogen lamp uses a thermos to hold hot water. The hot water is very hot, right? But it is separated by an air insulation layer, so your hand will not get hot while holding the thermos bottle.

LED lights are like taking an iron kettle and filling it with hot water. Not only does the hot water scald, but the iron kettle itself can also be scalded if you pinch it and click it.

This characteristic of LED lights will cause circuits and plastic parts near the base to age quickly.

  • The original factory has a heat dissipation design, but the modified LED has the risk of spontaneous combustion.

In order to solve this problem, the original factory will have a special heat dissipation design. This kind of radiator fins are usually made of pure copper to improve heat dissipation efficiency. Some even use "active fan cooling", which is prepared in advance.

Halogen headlights are not bright enough. Should I really replace them with LEDs? 5

However, modified LEDs mainly use aluminum materials to dissipate heat, and the cost is lower.

According to the paper "Research on the Heat Dissipation Structure of High-Power LED Lighting and Automobile Headlights", the greater the thermal conductivity of the LED light heat dissipation material, the better the heat dissipation effect, the lower the corresponding chip temperature, and the less likely spontaneous combustion will occur.

The thermal conductivity of aluminum is only about one-half that of copper, so the heat dissipation performance of modified LED lamps is a problem, and inferior LEDs may even leave hidden dangers of spontaneous combustion. You really have to change it yourself and use copper heat sink.

  • Modifying LED lights is not difficult, but it may not pass the annual inspection

It may be difficult for the LED headlights you upgrade to meet the national light distribution standards, which will affect the annual vehicle inspection.

Halogen headlights are not bright enough. Should I really replace them with LEDs? 6

The national standard "GB 25991-2010 LED headlights for automobiles" requires that the low beam of LED headlights should have sufficient illumination, but should not be dazzling, and the high beam should have good illumination. The light distribution performance is within the specified value according to various illumination test points and irradiation areas.

Anyway, speaking in human terms, there are regulations on how far LED headlights shine, how wide they shine, what areas should be bright, how much bright in which areas, and what the angle of illumination is. These things are all regulated and must comply with standards.

The original factory is a car with LED headlights. They must have been taken into consideration during the design and have been adjusted for you. When you upgrade yourself, you usually just install and screw it on, and it's almost impossible to adjust it so accurately.

This is just like a pastry recipe that says you need 15 grams of sugar. If a machine makes a cake, it will be 15 grams. It’s very accurate, right?

When you make it by hand, you either have to weigh it, but the weighing later is troublesome. I estimate it to be three spoons or two and a half spoons. The taste is almost the same but you can't taste it, but in fact the sweetness is inaccurate.

Halogen headlights are not bright enough. Should I really replace them with LEDs? 7

Modifying the headlights privately will make the headlight parameters inaccurate. In some cities, the annual inspection is not strict and you can get by, but in some cities, such as Shenzhen, where the annual inspection is very strict, you may not be able to pass the annual inspection. Although there are gray methods to solve it, it is also the cost, and you have to bear it on the lamp.

  • Modified LED lights are not protected by insurance

In addition, the insurance will not compensate for the replacement of LED lights. The "Car Damage Insurance Clauses" states: "The insurer is not responsible for the loss of new equipment other than the standard configuration of the insured vehicle."

To put it simply, the installed LED lights are not covered by the insurance. When you are in an accident while driving, the insurance company will decide whether it is LED or halogen lights. It all depends on what is written on your original standard configuration. Don’t just buy insurance. , your LED will cost you a halogen lamp, and it will look like this, and it is inconvenient.

If you want to change the LED, the future compensation will also be for the LED, and you will also need to add an additional equipment insurance, which is another sum of money.

Halogen headlights are not bright enough. Should I really replace them with LEDs? 8

How to upgrade car lights most effectively

  • It is recommended to upgrade to the same type of lamp beads from the original factory.

So if you have to upgrade the original car lights, I still recommend upgrading the same type of lamp beads from the original factory. This is more in line with the design logic of the original headlight assembly.

For example, if you think this halogen headlight is not bright enough, you can choose a halogen headlight with the same power but greater brightness.

At present, advanced halogen lamps are quite powerful. There is a "laser ablation" technology that accurately controls the size of the light-emitting window and enhances the brightness of the lamp beads. The brightness of this halogen lamp can reach 1.5 times that of ordinary halogen lamps~ 2 times is really enough.

Halogen headlights are not bright enough. Should I really replace them with LEDs? 9

If you still dislike halogen lamps as they are too yellow and unsightly, as long as the original car has fog lamps, you can also choose to replace them with white-light halogen lamps.

Nowadays, there are white light halogen lamps, which are in line with the original design logic of the car and are safer to use. However, you must remember to turn on the fog lamps on rainy days. White light halogen lamps cannot replace fog lamps.

There are thousands of roads, safety comes first.

How to scientifically fight against high-beam dogs

As mentioned before, if you really want to change the lamp, it is recommended to replace it with the same type of lamp beads.

I bought the lamp beads online, but when I go to the store to get them, I have to spend a lot of money and have to queue up. I am also afraid that others will cheat me. They say that the lamp beads you bought are not right and they want to make you pay thousands more. What should I do? ?

You can change it by yourself. It’s not that complicated. The video has also been done for you. Pause, play, pause, play, step by step, five minutes for novices.

  • Keywords: car lights

I have prepared this video for you. Just follow "Spare Tire Talking Cars" and reply with the keyword "car lights".

I encountered an unqualified high-beam dog at night. I had a way to kill him reasonably and legally.

We just talked about LED, and xenon lamps are also very common. Are there any safety risks?

It's easy to know this, just follow "Spare Tire Talking Cars" and reply to the keyword "car lights".

"Spare tires talk about cars" is waiting for you to play.

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