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Headlight modification, lens or assembly?

If the headlights don't light up, of course they need to be changed, but how to change them, whether to change the light lens or directly replace the headlight assembly, makes it difficult for many car owners to make a decision.

Headlight modification, lens or assembly? 1

Why does this happen? People always think about the best. When changing a light, they want it to be cheap and effective. They also think it would be best if they can change it without turning on the light...

Generally speaking, the flexibility of changing the xenon lamp lens is relatively high, and the car owner can choose the domestic configuration or the original configuration. Different lenses are used with different light bulbs to achieve different lighting effects.

Headlight modification, lens or assembly? 2

In addition, you can choose to match your favorite decorative lights, such as daytime running lights, angel eyes and devil eyes, to make your car lights more cool. The overall cost is relatively cheap, ranging from 1,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan.

Headlight modification, lens or assembly? 3

However, if you change the lens, you need to turn on the lights, and the lights of some models are more complicated and require high modification technology. If the technology is not up to standard, it will affect the final lighting effect. And if the seal is not in place, it can easily cause water to enter the car lights and cause them to fog up.

Headlight modification, lens or assembly? 4

Headlight modification, lens or assembly? 5

Kingang golf headlight assembly

There are so many problems with changing the lens, so would it be better to change the assembly?

If you directly modify the assembly, it is mainly convenient and simple. Just disassemble the original headlight assembly and install the new assembly. No technical content is required.

The headlight assembly comes with its own lens, and some also have daytime running lights. It is divided into original parts and auxiliary parts. The price of the original assembly is too high, and the price of the auxiliary assembly is affordable. Generally speaking, the original assembly is better than the auxiliary one. The assembly must be relatively reliable in quality and effective.

Headlight modification, lens or assembly? 6

However, when it comes to replacing the headlight assembly and modifying the lens on the original car headlight, we still recommend changing the lens. Why?

The quality of the light depends on the quality of the lens. The lens in the headlight assembly is basically not as effective as the lens directly used for modification. The lighting effect at night is indeed unsatisfactory. We modify the lights not just for the better effect of the car lights. ? Moreover, there are too many car models, and the headlight assembly needs to match the car model. Whether there is a headlight assembly for this car is still a question.

Some car enthusiasts will say, I want the headlight assembly to look good and the lights to be bright, so what should I do?

The latest Jingang Meibiao Hai 5 headlight assembly combines the powerful Jingang Hai 5 bifocal lens with the non-destructive installation of the headlight assembly, allowing more car owners to easily modify the lights, taking into account the effect while also having a gorgeous appearance. Appearance, achieve the best of both worlds! !

Headlight modification, lens or assembly? 7

Headlight modification, lens or assembly? 8

low beam

Headlight modification, lens or assembly? 9

high beam

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