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How long does a car headlight last?

How long does a car headlight last? 1

How long do car headlights last? It doesn't mean that it went out suddenly, but that it gradually dimmed until it couldn't be seen clearly at all.

How long is the lifespan of a car headlight?

Its service life is related to the type of the lamp. I checked some information and will tell you about it respectively.

The life of halogen headlights is about 300-500 hours

How long does a car headlight last? 2

First, lets talk about the most common halogen headlights. Basically, these are the ones used in our family cars. Its principle is to inject halogen gas such as iodine or bromine into the bulb. The tungsten filament that sublimates at high temperature will react chemically with the halogen, and then after cooling, The tungsten will solidify again in the tungsten wire, and the repeated cycle will produce the phenomenon of luminescence.

This process of regeneration cycle makes the service life of halogen lamps four times longer than the incandescent lamps in our homes. Generally speaking, the life of halogen lamps is 300 to 500 hours.

If you drive for an hour at night every day, you will need to replace the light bulb in more than a year. After reaching the normal life span, the brightness of the car lights will become darker and darker until they are not bright at all.

Activating xenon discharge using high-voltage current

The second type is slightly more advanced, but it is also available in many cars now. It is called xenon lamp.

By the way, the mountain under the prefix "qi" is pronounced "xin" instead of "shn" or "shn". Friends, you can understand a little bit. If a friend around you tells you to change the gas lamp, if this is a friend from a 4S shop, we should decisively change to another person, because the basic skills have not been mastered.

This is also called a HID gas discharge headlight. It uses high-voltage xenon gas wrapped in a quartz tube to replace the traditional tungsten wire we just mentioned. It uses high-voltage current to activate the xenon gas, forming a beam of arc light that can last between the two poles. Compared with halogen lamps, its service life is about ten times longer than that of halogen lamps.

The life of xenon lamp is about 2500-3000 hours

The xenon lamp requires 3.5 amps of current to operate and has a service life of about 2,500 to 3,000 hours. I also found out that Philips has a standard that the light decay cannot exceed 30% after 2250 hours. For your reference.

Xenon lamps modified by yourself need to be equipped with a stabilizer

What I just mentioned is that the car itself has xenon when it is bought. Many friends have modified the halogen lamps into xenon lamps themselves, so an additional ballast is needed.

The ballast not only affects the performance of the car lights, but also affects its lifespan. If a ballast like this costs two to three hundred yuan and is equipped with a xenon lamp, the light decay will reach more than 30% after 500 hours of use. So when I say I modified it, everyone understands that it has about the same lifespan as a halogen lamp, just a little brighter.

LED lamp life is 60,000-100,000 hours

Let me talk about a more expensive one, LED headlights, which are often found in more expensive cars or with higher configurations.

LED has a very long service life, 60,000 to 100,000 hours, which is really very durable. Moreover, after 30,000 hours of use, the light decay will not exceed 5%. It has a long life and is not easy to dim.

Basically, it is not damaged by a crash or shock. The service life of this lamp is exactly the same as that of our entire car. So if you look at it being expensive, it still makes sense.

Not suitable for long-term lighting, poor heat dissipation

However, LED lights are not suitable for long-term lighting because they do not dissipate heat very well. If the car lights do not dissipate heat well, they are prone to temporary or permanent light decay.

Therefore, friends who are changing to LED headlights should pay a little attention. It is not just a simple replacement of lights, but also a cooling solution.

In addition to service life, what else should we pay attention to?

The warranty period for car lights is often only 3-6 months

The lifespan of these car lights just mentioned belongs to the category of physical lifespan, and there is another one called warranty lifespan.

Because car lights are consumable parts, the manufacturers are also very picky. Maintenance manuals usually have fine print on them. My entire car has a three-year warranty, but the headlights often only have a warranty of 3 to 6 months or 5,000 kilometers.

After this time, you have to pay for it yourself. Dont think that if you buy a car and the headlights break down, you can replace them with new ones two years later. This wont happen.

Pay attention to daily inspection and annual inspection of car lights

Today Im talking about car headlights. Its not just that we need to understand them. In fact, every six years, our cars need to be inspected last year. They need to be inspected for lighting, such as angle and brightness. If it happens to be the decline period of our headlights and they are not qualified, it will delay our normal work and life.

So you can also pay attention and predict when I should check the lights and replace the bulbs based on the type of headlights of your car.

How to replace new car light bulbs?

When it comes to changing light bulbs, do you think you have to go to a 4S store and get ripped off again? In fact, changing a light bulb is very similar to changing a light bulb in your own home. I specially made a video for you.

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