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How many types of car headlights are there?

How many types of car headlights are there? 1

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Hello everyone, I am Dazhou, and today I will talk to you about car headlights.

How many types of car headlights are there? 2

1. There are several types of car headlights

There are three main types that are widely used on the market, namely halogen lamps, xenon lamps, and LED lamps.

2. Next, lets talk about the characteristics of each type of headlight 1) Halogen lamp

1. Structure

Halogen is added to the tungsten filament bulb, and the color temperature is yellowish.

2. Features

Advantages: low cost, strong penetration in rainy and foggy weather. Disadvantages: high power consumption, high temperature, low brightness, short lifespan, and obvious brightness decay over time.

2) Xenon lamp

1. Structure

High pressure stimulates the hernia to glow.

2. Features

Advantages: high brightness, long irradiation distance.

Disadvantages: Slow lighting time, takes several seconds to reach maximum brightness.

The disadvantage of slow lighting is mainly reflected in the fact that when meeting another car, you want to use high beam to flash the other person to remind him that he wants to overtake. The effect of xenon flashing lights is particularly poor. It is not very bright, and the other party may not see you flashing him.

3) LED headlights

1. Structure

LED is a light-emitting diode, which is now widely used in residential lighting.

2. Features

Advantages: power saving, fast lighting speed, small size, and can be designed into various shapes; Disadvantages: heat generation, requiring a radiator.

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