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How much do you know about car light modifications?

Car light modification is an enduring topic. The first thing many people do after buying a car is to consider changing the car lights. After all, poor performance of the car lights will affect the safety of driving at night. Although automotive lighting technology is developing very rapidly, there are still many models that still use halogen lamps, which have poor lighting effects and unsatisfactory nighttime lighting effects. So how to modify the car lights? Chengdu Tianyi Car Light Modification Shop will tell you in detail how to modify the car lights.

How much do you know about car light modifications? 1

Car light modification

First of all, the main purpose of upgrading the car lights is to increase the brightness of the headlights to achieve a safe lighting effect at night. Nowadays, the mainstream car light modification solution is to upgrade and modify bifocal lenses. The light source can be xenon or LED. Speaking of this, many car enthusiasts have a misunderstanding, "If my original car has a lens, do I only need to replace it with a xenon one?" Just light bulbs or LED bulbs?" This idea is wrong. The original car's halogen light lens only matches the original car's halogen light bulb. If you replace it with other light bulbs, the brightness of the light will not increase much, and black shadows may appear. So now you can generally choose to upgrade xenon lamp lenses or LED lenses.

How much do you know about car light modifications? 2

Headlight upgrade

Let’s start with the xenon lamp lens. The xenon lamp lens is composed of a xenon bulb, a ballast, and a lens. The brightness of the light is about 3 times that of the halogen lamp. The service life is also higher than that of the halogen lamp, which is 3,000 hours. Nowadays, car lights Modified xenon lamp lenses are very mature in terms of technology and products, and are relatively cost-effective. They are suitable for car enthusiasts who do not have high requirements for light brightness and pursue cost-effectiveness.

How much do you know about car light modifications? 3

Xenon lamp lens low beam effect

How much do you know about car light modifications? 4

Xenon lamp set

Let’s continue talking about the LED lens. The LED lens is composed of LED lamp beads, cooling fans, and lenses. It has an integrated design. The light brightness and effect are much brighter than the xenon lamp lens, and the LED has a longer service life, that is, It lights up instantly without delay. Whether it is a xenon lens or an LED lens, it is blessed by the lens. The low beam has a very obvious tangent line. When passing a car, it will not affect the line of sight of the oncoming vehicle. It will illuminate yourself without affecting others.

How much do you know about car light modifications? 5

LED lens

How much do you know about car light modifications? 6

LED lens low beam effect

Everyone should know how to choose a car light modification solution that suits you. If you still don’t understand anything, you can comment below and leave your car model and we will customize a car light modification solution for you.

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