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How much does it cost to upgrade your car lights to LED headlights? Tuxiang professional car light u

As LED lighting technology becomes more and more mature, LED car lights have become the standard configuration of many cars. In addition, LED car lights have many advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection, high brightness, and long life. They have also become the original car halogen lamps and even halogen lamps for many car enthusiasts. Xenon lamp upgrade is the mainstream lamp choice. Generally, what everyone is more concerned about is the price issue. How much does it cost to upgrade the car lights to LED headlights? Today, Tuxiang Car Lighting will tell you about the upgrade of car lights to LED headlights.

How much does it cost to upgrade your car lights to LED headlights? Tuxiang professional car light u 1

Before we understand how much it costs to upgrade car lights to LED headlights, we need to know what are the ways to upgrade car lights to LED headlights?

Usually there are three common methods:

1. Naked LED bulbs

LED bulbs are divided into domestic LED bulbs and imported LED bulbs. The cost is about 300-1500, the price is relatively cheap, and the installation is relatively convenient. Riders with strong hands-on skills can completely replace it by themselves, but the directional lights need to remind riders to pay attention to the following issues.

The original car halogen headlights have two structures. One is the original car light bowl shape. It is not recommended that car owners directly replace the LED bulbs: First, the focus of the LED is different from that of the halogen lamp, and the light concentration of the lamp bowl is very poor. The light is seriously scattered, and the effect in rainy and foggy days is not as good as that of halogen lamps. In addition, it illuminates people but not the road, which is very harmful to driving. Secondly, LED bulbs have high heat. If you are not careful, the lamp bowl will be scorched and melted, which is a waste of money and safety is not guaranteed.

The second type is the one with a lens in the original car. The light-gathering performance of the lens is stronger than that of the lamp bowl. Simply replacing the LED bulb will have a certain improvement. If riders want to install LED bulbs, they can purchase the same model as the halogen lamp of the original car. I tried it, but the effect was just whitening and brightening, and the irradiation width and range did not change.

How much does it cost to upgrade your car lights to LED headlights? Tuxiang professional car light u 2

2. LED lens

Modifying an LED lens is a reasonable and legal solution, and is also recommended by Tuxiang for modifying car lights. The lens is specially designed for LED light sources, has better light concentration, and is at least 3 times brighter than halogen lamps. After the modification, the low beam width is 4-6 lanes, the range is 30 meters as standard, and the high beam can reach more than 200 meters, which truly effectively improves brightness and driving safety. The price is generally between 2000-5000. Advantages of LED bifocal lenses: high matching degree for vehicle installation, high light utilization, far and near zoning, fast start-up speed, and no light attenuation.

3. LED headlight assembly

The LED headlight assembly is a non-destructive upgrade method for modifying the lights. The headlight assembly can be divided into sub-factory and original factory. The sub-factory is relatively cheap, and can be done for 3000-5000, but the sub-factory assembly is not as good as the hand-modified lens in terms of quality and effect. Generally, cracks will appear on the lamp surface in about one year, and the lighting effect will be seriously distorted. It is not recommended for riders to purchase and install it.

Modifying the original assembly is a better solution, and the quality is definitely no problem, but the price is very expensive, basically one price per vehicle. The effect is better than the auxiliary factory assembly. Riders who have the conditions can consider it, but it is still worse than hand-modified LED lenses. Many riders who have original car LED headlight assemblies will upgrade and modify the LED lenses again.

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