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How to change car headlights to better light patterns? Teach you a trick, do it yourself|Nine plus o

With the popularity of cars, car enthusiasts have more and more demands for personalized modifications. The first step for car enthusiasts to modify is to upgrade the lights, because the modification is simple and the effect is obvious. The lights are like candles, threatening driving safety. So, how to upgrade LED headlights to make them brighter and more focused? This involves the issue of the light pattern of the car lights.

Before changing the lights, first determine whether you want to change the type of lights or increase the brightness of the lights based on the original ones. If you don’t want to make major changes, increase the brightness of the lights. First, be clear about the light pattern of your car's headlights. Without changing the assembly, the light pattern after upgrading the LED lights can reach the same light pattern as the original car, such as the tangent line of the low beam. The light pattern is determined by the reflector or lens.

How to change car headlights to better light patterns? Teach you a trick, do it yourself|Nine plus o 1

The most important thing to upgrade your car lights is to choose reliable spotlight LED headlights. There are two reasons for the astigmatism caused by the LED bulb itself: first, the LED lamp beads are not focused enough; second, the "astigmatism" caused by not fitting the original car reflector or poor lens matching; rather than astigmatism without a lens. Whether the socket and light-emitting point of the bulb are consistent with the original car, and whether the light-emitting point of the lamp bead is at the focus of the reflector cup will cause astigmatism of the bulb. The light that is not at the focus will be scattered around. Whether the light is concentrated or not mainly depends on the lamp beads of the car lights. The smaller the gap between the LED lamp beads, the more concentrated the light will be.

The first step when upgrading car lights and choosing lights is to look at the lamp beads of the car lights. Under normal circumstances, the lamp beads determine the brightness and concentration of the car lights. The lamp bead is the wick of the car light, the core of which determines whether the bulb is bright or not. The current mainstream lamp beads include: COB light source, Cree lamp bead, and flip-chip chip light source.

COB light source: large luminous surface, scattered light, poor penetration, low price, easy to store

COB light source is the first generation light source of LED. It is widely used and belongs to the first generation chip of LED car lights. However, due to the relatively scattered light source and low brightness of COB, it has been gradually eliminated from mainstream headlights. Currently, it is only used in small quantities on motorcycle lights or relatively low-end car lights.

How to change car headlights to better light patterns? Teach you a trick, do it yourself|Nine plus o 2

Pictured: COB light source

Cree lamp beads: good penetration, average light concentration, not high brightness

Cree lamp beads are also relatively light-concentrating lamp beads. Since the light-concentrating properties of lamp beads are much better than COB light sources, they are not universal. Mainstream car lights use this kind of lamp beads relatively rarely. There will be a condenser glass mirror added to the lamp bead. Many companies will promote lamp beads with lenses. In fact, they are 108,000 kilometers different from the real car light lenses, so you still have to keep your eyes peeled when buying lamps.

How to change car headlights to better light patterns? Teach you a trick, do it yourself|Nine plus o 3

Pictured: Cree lamp beads

Flip-chip light source: high brightness, strong penetrating power, and strong light concentration. The smaller the gap between the light-emitting points, the higher the cost.

Flip-chip light sources are currently the mainstream lamp bead light source. Due to the small gap between light-emitting points, strong light-gathering performance, and high brightness, they are relatively popular in automobile headlights. The car lights produced by using concentrated lamp beads will be relatively concentrated. For example, Nine Plus One uses this kind of lamp bead, and the light pattern produced will be relatively concentrated and bright.

How to change car headlights to better light patterns? Teach you a trick, do it yourself|Nine plus o 4

Pictured: Flip chip light source

If the lamp bead is the soul of the car light, the heat dissipation system is the backbone of the car light. How bright it can be is determined by the lamp bead, but how long it lasts is determined by the heat dissipation system. If you only do high power without heat dissipation support, the life of the product will be relatively short.

How to change car headlights to better light patterns? Teach you a trick, do it yourself|Nine plus o 5

Second, look at the professionalism of the master

Can you choose a spotlight-concentrating car light to increase the brightness of your car and create a good light pattern? However, if the installation technique is not professional enough, it will also lead to astigmatism. Professional lighting masters have accumulated professional knowledge training and extensive field experience in actual vehicle loading, making the effect of upgrading lighting extraordinary. For the same type of spotlight car lights, the lights installed by a novice may be astigmatism, not bright enough, and have dark shadows; they are far different from the light patterns installed by experienced masters. The reasons are: first, whether the position of the bulb is correct; second, whether the light pattern is vertically centered; third, whether it coincides with the light refraction of the original car reflector. If you want to focus the bright light pattern, these three points are indispensable. This situation is due to the fact that the car light space is easy to use and the installation is simple. If you encounter special circumstances, installing the lights yourself may be a small gain.

How to change car headlights to better light patterns? Teach you a trick, do it yourself|Nine plus o 6

  1. Need to adjust the light after installation

After installing the car lights, the light pattern is still wrong? This requires wall dimming of the upgraded car lights. First, when installing the lights, make sure they are in the correct position and coincide with the focal point of the original car's reflective equipment. Secondly, the nine-plus-one car light beads are 90 degrees perpendicular to the reflector cup. Then put the car two meters away from the wall and turn on the lights, and rotate the light body to adjust the light pattern. The nine plus one car lights can be dimmed 360 degrees without any obstacles. If the first two steps have been completed, you only need to twist the tail of the lamp on the installed lamp to fine-tune it.

How to change car headlights to better light patterns? Teach you a trick, do it yourself|Nine plus o 7

Generally speaking, we recommend that car owners try not to install it themselves, go to offline physical stores to experience professional upgrading of car lights, and choose a reliable brand, such as Nine Plus One, a high-tech enterprise with 16 years of experience in car light production and research and development.

The reasons are as follows:

1. The physical store has a relatively complete series of car lights, and different series and models will be relatively complete. Since different models have different original accessories, they have different needs for car lights, such as brightness, size, adaptability of car lights, etc.

2. Some cars are difficult to install. Consumers who do not understand it well will think that installing lights is a simple matter. Different car design principles and different spaces require professional installation skills such as disassembling assemblies and moving interior accessories for some models.

3. Some car models also need a decoder when upgrading and refitting their lights. For example, the Volkswagen model. Most car models need to install a decoder. The installation method is simple. After removing the lights and refitting, it is discovered that the car displays a fault code, which is a dilemma. .

  1. During the upgrading and modification process of some models, special decks are required, such as the Sagitar. We at Nine Plus One have customized special Sagitar decks. During the installation process, if you need to superimpose buckles, just use the nine plus one special card holder.

5. Some car owners do not know whether their car lights are halogen lights or xenon lights, integrated lights or split lights, with lenses or without lenses before installation. It is not easy to understand these things clearly. If you go to a physical store, you won't know so much. You can just ask a professional car lighting master to choose customized lights for your car.

This concludes the explanation of car lighting types. Have car enthusiasts learned more about upgrading car lights after reading this?

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