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How to remove fog from car lights

How to remove fog from car lights 1

1. Car washing or wading in water causes fog

In addition to temperature differences, fog entering the headlight assembly is mostly caused by wading in water or improper car washing. When cleaning the engine, you should use a wet towel to scrub it, or use compressed air to clean the inside of the engine compartment. Rinse directly with a high-pressure water gun. If a car owner often uses a high-pressure water gun to flush the car lights or engine, it is easy for water droplets to enter the vent holes, and fog will form in the car lights.

In addition, vehicles that frequently wade through water can easily cause fog on the car lights. Some self-driving enthusiasts like to drive through deep water. Usually, when the water depth exceeds the wheels, water will enter the car lights from the breather pipe, and water will enter the car lights. Not only does it affect lighting, it may also damage the headlights.

2. Fog caused by temperature difference changes

How to remove fog from car lights 2

There is a breather pipe installed on the back cover of the headlight assembly. The thermally expanded gas is discharged through this channel, but sometimes some moisture enters the breather pipe, which causes slight fogging. This kind of fogging occurs due to changes in temperature. The situation usually occurs in winter, rainy season or foggy days. Nowadays, in order to pursue better lighting effects, most car headlights adopt lens type. This kind of headlights makes the light more concentrated. However, only a small area of the headlight mirror is heated, and the moisture mainly accumulates on the mirror outside the lighting area. , so it is easy to be discovered by car owners.

Car owners do not need to panic when fog enters the car lights. Normally, it will not affect the normal use of the car lights, and there is no need to go to a 4S store for maintenance.

How to remove fog from car lights

When the car owner finds that there is fog in the car lights, he should first analyze the cause of the fog. If it is caused by temperature difference or moisture, for example, if the car lights are used for too long at night and there is fog in the car lights the next day, just turn on the fog at this time. Turn the low beam or high beam on for about 10 minutes, and the fog in the car lights will slowly disappear. Under normal circumstances, the moisture in the car lights will evaporate quickly when the lights are used normally or under sunlight. Never use the method of baking the car lights to remove the fog, so as not to damage the car light assembly.

For fog generated after car washing or wading, be sure to turn on the car lights in time to allow the fog to evaporate, and cannot ignore the fog in the car lights for a long time. Car owners should develop the habit of checking the use of car lights. If too much fog enters the car lights, and this happens often, it means that the dust cover of the car lights may be damaged, causing water to enter the car lights. At this time, you should go to the 4S shop for maintenance immediately to avoid water corrosion. Lines and connectors.

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