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How to solve the problem of fogging in the headlights of your car?

How to solve the problem of fogging in the headlights of your car? 1

As the weather gets cooler, many friends may find that the headlights of their cars have "cataracts" to varying degrees in the early morning, that is, a layer of water mist appears on the inside of the headlight shade. Generally speaking, this situation mostly occurs in older vehicles, but it also occurs in vehicles that are "in their prime". So what is the reason for foggy headlights? Do I need to replace the headlight assembly?

Under normal circumstances, whether it is ventilation and heat dissipation through a breathable film, a ventilation hose, or a ventilation cap, most of the dust and moisture in the air can be filtered out to avoid fogging inside the lampshade.

Several causes of slight fogging of headlights

How to solve the problem of fogging in the headlights of your car? 2

Failure of breather filter device

Excessive temperature difference

Desiccant failure

Water accumulation in engine compartment

By the way, I would like to remind car owners that most vehicles are currently equipped with engine bottom guards, which will affect the air circulation in the engine compartment to a certain extent. Therefore, after cleaning the engine compartment with water, you must wipe or blow dry the engine compartment. Prevent adverse effects on the vehicle.

Generally speaking, the corporate standards of vehicle lighting manufacturers are higher than the national standards, which means that lighting companies generally do not allow headlights to fog. But as a matter of fact, it is difficult for the factory to achieve a 100% yield rate. If the headlights of a new car are slightly fogged, it is still difficult to claim compensation as long as it meets national standards.

If there is severe water mist or even water droplets on the headlights, you need to be vigilant.

At the same time, severe water mist or water droplets will affect the bulbs and circuits, ranging from reducing the life to direct short circuit.

There are not many situations that cause serious water mist in the headlights. It can be roughly attributed to two situations: "water in the headlights" and "seal failure".

If the vent hole is blocked, it will cause the headlight to be unable to balance air pressure and heat dissipation in a timely and effective manner during operation. The lampshade sealing device will be subject to excessive pressure difference for a long time, which will easily lead to seal failure. When the seal fails, outside air and dust will also directly enter the lampshade without obstruction, causing fogging.

Generally speaking, after replacing the bulb, you need to check whether the angle of the bulb wiring plug is the same as the original position, and also carefully check whether there is still a gap between the back cover of the bulb and the back shell.

How to deal with severe water mist inside the lamp?

If the lamp is seriously damaged, the 4S store usually cannot replace the damaged parts individually, so replacing the headlight assembly as a whole becomes the only solution. When repairing, try to choose a 4S shop or a reliable repair shop, otherwise it is easy to have problems such as loose headlight sealing, and fogging will occur repeatedly.

Generally speaking, there are many reasons for headlight fogging. For manufacturers, optimizing workmanship and design, and spraying anti-fog paint inside the lampshade can effectively avoid fogging. For car owners, keeping the engine compartment dry and checking the lights regularly can also keep their car with a pair of "bright eyes".

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