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How to solve the problem of headlight fogging and water entering the headlight?

How to solve the problem of headlight fogging and water entering the headlight? 1

After washing the car or driving on a rainy day, the headlights may fog up or get water in. How to solve this problem?

Headlights fog up

The fog in the lampshade will seriously affect the normal light transmittance, and even cause the direction of the headlight beam to shift, causing astigmatism. The scattered light is not focused and has no penetrating power, especially on a light rainy night, it is almost blind. After some people change to brighter light bulbs, the light intensity is very high at close range, but they can't see the road clearly. This is caused by astigmatism.

Structurally speaking, almost all headlights have a ventilation rubber tube on the back cover. The function of this rubber tube is to remove the heat generated after the headlight is turned on and maintain the normal operating temperature of the headlight. It is precisely because of the existence of this ventilation rubber tube that the moisture in the humid air will adhere to the inside of the lampshade, forming a layer of water mist. When the temperature difference is large, a large amount of accumulated water vapor will flow down the lampshade to form some accumulation. water. In other words, the accumulation of water in the headlight does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with the sealing of the headlight. It is also normal when the temperature difference is large.

How to solve the problem of headlight fogging and water entering the headlight? 2

In this case, generally within fifteen minutes after turning on the headlights, the fog will be evaporated by the heat energy generated by the headlights or be discharged through the exhaust rubber pipe along with the heat wave. This normal water mist will generally not cause damage to the headlight circuit or bulb. In addition to the temperature difference, if the water is not completely dried or drained after wading, washing the car, or cleaning the engine compartment, the water may enter the headlights through the rubber tube. In these situations, it is generally not necessary to If you need to do special treatment, you can just ignore it. The water will naturally evaporate after turning on the headlights.

Water in the headlight

If after encountering water, it is found that the amount of water in the headlight obviously exceeds the standard, forming a large amount of water, this situation can basically be judged to be a problem with the headlight seal, either the headlight cover or the back cover is damaged, or the lamp cover and the back cover are damaged. The sealing strips except the problem. In this case, you need to remove the headlight assembly and carefully check whether the lampshade, back cover, and ventilation rubber tube are damaged. After confirming that there is no damage, it is recommended to peel off the lampshade and the assembly, dry them separately, and then reseal them.

Let me remind everyone that after fog appears in the headlights, the solution is to turn on the headlights. You cannot directly use a dryer to bake the headlight masks. At present, most car lampshades on the market are made of plastic. If the baking temperature is too high, it will easily cause the headlights to age and turn yellow, or even crack when exposed to cold.

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