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How to tell if your car headlights are fogging or filled with water

How to tell if your car headlights are fogging or filled with water 1

Many drivers will encounter water in their headlights, which makes the car look like it is in tears and aggrieved.

What is going on? Lets analyze it together.

Heat is emitted when the headlight is on and when it is illuminated, so structurally speaking, there is a vent hole behind the headlight to discharge the heat emitted by the headlight. Ensure the normal operating temperature of the headlights.

This phenomenon is especially obvious in autumn and winter, or in rainy summer and autumn weather. In fact, the moisture in the air enters the headlight through the ventilation holes and adheres to the lampshade. Because the outside temperature is low, but the temperature inside the headlight is very high, temperature differences are prone to occur and water vapor is generated.

How to tell if your car headlights are fogging or filled with water 2

How to tell whether the car lights are fogged or filled with water?

The external manifestations of headlight fogging and water intrusion are different. If you want to judge whether the headlight is in fact water intrusion or fogging, there is a way to make a preliminary judgment, which is to look for traces of water flow. Fogging is generally caused by a film or dewdrops forming on the surface of the headlight lampshade, with no trace of water flow.

Due to the large amount of water entering, it condenses into dewdrops and flows from the top of the headlight to the bottom of the headlight. This will form obvious traces of water flow, similar to a waterfall. Even if the water dries, there will still be some traces, just like the path of a snail. There will be traces.

Of course, many car owners are confused when it comes to judging this, and they may make wrong judgments. There is another way. After the fog inside the car lights appears, it will take about 1 to 1.5 hours for the fog to be completely eliminated when the lights are on. In the static state, the fog inside the car lights will disappear after being stored in a dry environment with humidity

Foggy headlights and water intrusion have a great impact on the vehicle. In addition to affecting the safety of driving at night, excessive water intrusion may also cause problems with the vehicle lines, so we must pay attention to it. Especially in summer and winter when moisture is relatively abundant, it is necessary to develop a good habit of regularly checking vehicle headlights.

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