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How you use your car lights determines the quality of your car

How you use your car lights determines the quality of your car 1

After talking about practical things for so many days, let me tell you a little bit about civilized and polite driving quality. In the local dialect, it is called car quality.

The quality of the car that children with spare tires are more concerned about, apart from whether it is plugged or not, is the level of headlights they use.

When you turn on the lights at night, the high-beam headlights will shine so brightly that your eyes will be so uncomfortable that you cant do anything to them even if they curse you all kinds of ways. Sometimes the other person doesn't notice this thing, and sometimes people think it doesn't matter.

Today I will tell you some better ways to use lights that I think are good opportunities to improve the quality of your car.

What does it mean when the headlights flash?

How you use your car lights determines the quality of your car 2

The first situation is to say that the headlights flash.

Remind others that the car is ready to go

Where is it often used? That is to say, when waiting for the traffic light, when the light changed from red to green, the car in front did not notice it, and was still playing with its mobile phone or in a daze or something like that.

You raise your headlight and tell him you're good friends. It's relatively polite for this person to walk forward. It's much more comfortable than honking the horn. People will think it's noisy or rude if you honk the horn.

What does the headlights flashing twice mean?

Remind the other side to lower the high beam lights

The second one is when meeting cars at night, when the car coming from the opposite direction approaches, in the situation I just mentioned, the high-beam headlights are very uncomfortable.

At this time, we might as well raise the high-beam headlights twice at intervals, twice in a not particularly urgent manner, to remind the other party to turn down the high-beam headlights.

Dont worry if the other side doesnt adjust.

If he hasn't let go at this time, don't fight. In the past, when I was more impulsive, you would take photos of me, and you and I would take photos of each other. We would take photos of each other. Two cars collided with each other, right?

Don't do this kind of thing, just raise it twice to remind you. If a driver is a good driver and he really forgets to turn off the high beam, you can tell if he lifts his head.

If you don't have the quality, if you lift it ten thousand times, it will still be the same, so we should just keep it to ourselves. After all, the car's high beams have a great impact on the safety of both parties.

What does the headlights flashing three times mean?

Warn about potential safety hazards on the other side

There is also another situation, that is, the license plate of the car in front seems to be about to fall off, the fuel tank cap seems not to be closed properly, or it encounters other safety hazards.

For example, when the tire has a puncture, or when you see that the tire is no longer full of air, you can quickly flash the high beam three times behind his car, swish, swish, swish, three times.

An experienced driver will understand that there is something wrong with the car

Often experienced drivers will know if there is something wrong with my car or something.

You will often pull over to check. If you are helping others, you are also helping yourself. When he has a blown tire and is spinning around, you will inevitably hit him, right?

What does the brake light coming on intermittently mean?

Alert the other party that the vehicle is too close

Another thing, some people, including me, dont know why. Is it because people in urban areas are used to it or something, and they often follow other peoples cars very, very close.

It's like this male dog is following this little female dog and constantly sniffing her, chasing her all the way or something like that. If you are too close, it will be very, very dangerous on the highway.

then what should we do? We can turn on the brake light intermittently and in stages, tap it gently, tap it lightly, tap it gently, and do this two or three times. This can remind the other party that your car is too close.

Don't be angry

But you must not get angry and hit the brakes as hard as you can, then you will be hit directly.

At that time, it was really not certain who suffered the loss. Dont think that you are in front and the people behind are fully responsible. It's not a matter of responsibility on the highway, it's a matter of life, okay or not.

What does double flash three times mean?

Change lanes to express gratitude

There are also two cars. You have to change lanes on this side. For example, if I am on the right and want to change to the left, then the car on the left lifts up. Basically, you can get on, no problem.

For example, if he tries his best to dodge over there, he will probably not let you go. Don't get angry with others at this time and let them drive past, just in case they are really in an emergency or something.

If you forcefully change lanes and go up there, people will probably feel uncomfortable. Either he overtakes you again and refuses to go away, or he makes both parties so angry that they get off the car and fight at the traffic light. I dont think its particularly meaningful.

And when you change lanes and go in front of him, you can flash your lights three times to express your gratitude.

More commonly used abroad

In fact, many of our domestic friends dont pay much attention to this. I think people in Japan and the United States use it more often. They flash it to mean I accept it, brother. Im leaving first. Thank you for your cooperation and help. .

Relatively speaking, the chance of using this is not very big, but if you see someone cutting in front of you, or merging in front of you and flashing three times, don't think that their car is broken, but that they are treating you badly. a friendly gesture.

They are all agreed-upon things and can be regarded as folk remedies.

In fact, this thing is often close to a convention. I think the traffic regulations don't seem to say much strictly about it. It can be regarded as a folk remedy.

Anyway, at least there are still friends who use it this way. Friends who are more qualified and care about the driving safety of others and themselves will more or less consider this method of using headlights.

Frankly speaking, in our current domestic traffic situation, at least about 30% of the congestion and accidents are caused by our impolite and irregular driving. It does not mean the quality of our driving. More often than not it is a concept.

I hope everyone can drive with more kindness

So when I share these things with you today, I also hope that when you drive, you can pay more attention to the feelings of the people around you and think about others.

As for the road, if you think for others and others think for you, it will naturally become much smoother. If you want to take advantage of a loophole, others will also want to take advantage of it. If two people take advantage of a loophole, they will naturally suffer a bloody blow, right?

With more kindness, more thoughts and good intentions for others, I think driving will be fun and safe for everyone.

What should I do if the car lights dont come on as before?

So today we are talking about the problem of using our headlights, but in fact sometimes, our car lights may not be bright enough and others cannot see clearly. What should I do if the headlights are not as bright as before?

I have specially prepared such an article for you today. Through some methods, you can make your car lights as bright as before.

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