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If you want to change your car lights, should you choose xenon or LED?

Is it better to modify xenon lamps or LED lamps for car modification? This question does not say which one is better. It can only say which aspect is better. Xenon lamps are better in terms of brightness, and LED lamps are lower than xenon lamps. The environmental protection advantages of LED lights are also obvious, with color temperatures ranging from 4000K to 6000K.

If you want to change your car lights, should you choose xenon or LED? 1

The advantages of xenon lamps are as follows:

1. High brightness: Among the car lights that can be retrofitted at present, the highest brightness is the xenon lamp, which can reach 3200 lumens. And LED is only a little over 3,000.

2. Safety: Once a xenon lamp fails, it will not go out instantly. Instead, it will go out by gradually dimming (or lighting up quickly), allowing the driver to gain time while driving in the dark and pull over in an emergency.

3. Long life: Generally, xenon lamps can be used for 3-4 years, and good xenon lamps can be used for about 5 years.

If you want to change your car lights, should you choose xenon or LED? 2

Advantages of LED lights

1. Energy saving: LED car lights are cold light sources. Generally speaking, they consume less power and save more than 70% of energy than traditional light sources.

2. Environmental protection: There are no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the spectrum, there is neither heat nor radiation, the glare is small, and the waste is recyclable, there is no pollution, no mercury elements, and it is safe to touch. It is a typical green lighting LED source.

3. Good stability: LED has strong shock resistance: resin encapsulation, not easy to break, easy to store and transport.

4. Fast response: LED headlights only take a few nanoseconds from turning on to lighting up.

If you want to change your car lights, should you choose xenon or LED? 3

The above are their respective advantages. Next, let’s talk about the various disadvantages, so that everyone can have clearer concepts and ideas when modifying.

Xenon lamps are slow to start and require a buffer time. The modification must be equipped with a ballast. Because xenon lamps are very bright, lenses are generally required. Not adding a lens will not only affect the lighting effect of the car lights, but also scatter the light to other people. His eyes are also uncivilized.

If you want to change your car lights, should you choose xenon or LED? 4

LED lights can be said to be the future development direction, and their advantages such as environmental protection and energy saving are also deeply loved by car owners. But now there is a problem with LED lights, which is heat dissipation. When the LED headlights are turned on for a period of time, the temperature of the car lights increases. If the heat dissipation is not good, the brightness of the LED headlights will be affected, causing light decay.

If you want to modify the car lights, you can only say which aspect you are more interested in, whether it is brightness or environmental protection and energy saving. Only by giving up can you gain something.

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