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In Depth Evaluation of Nissan Qijun 2.0L Fashion Version

It is nothing new for Nissan's new Qijun to change to the urban route. The out and out urban fashion model is more popular than the previous tough guy image, and the sales volume has broken 10000 in recent months. It can be seen that Qijun's gorgeous transformation is also quite successful. Today, instead of talking about the off-road and performance of high-end models, we talk about how the 2.0L model is more affordable and urban. question 1: what are the differences in appearance of the 2.0L model?Whether to have a luggage rack is the key to distinguish the 2014 Qijun 2.0L model from the 2.5L model. Although the luggage rack is not practical for urban use, it still has a great impact on the appearance and temperament. The 2.0L model feels a little bald without a luggage rack. In addition, the wheel hub and tire sizes are also different, but only limited to the 2.5L top configuration model.

In Depth Evaluation of Nissan Qijun 2.0L Fashion Version 1

question 2: will the 2.0L naturally aspirated engine be very powerful?As an SUV with a large size, power performance is very important. Under the current situation of turbocharging, is Qijun's 2.0L naturally aspirated engine enough? First of all, the new engine code named mr20dd adopts in cylinder direct injection technology, which has made all progress in power and fuel consumption.Secondly, xinqijun is the first model to adopt CMF platform. The platform design makes its overall weight better optimized. Some steel materials are changed into aluminum materials, and high-strength plastic materials are added. On the premise of meeting the strength requirements, the body weight of xinqijun is only 1.5 tons.

With the engine upgrade and vehicle weight optimization as the premise, the power performance of Qijun 2.0L is satisfactory, there is no imagined "meat", and the power output is smooth. Although it is not strong, it is also fully sufficient. question 3: is the 188800 sub low configuration sufficient?As the minimum configuration equipped with CVT, Qijun 2.0L fashion version only needs 188800. In terms of appearance, it has led daytime running lights, front fog lights and reversing radar. The configuration is quite high and practical. In addition, intimate and convenient equipment such as one click start, eco energy-saving mode, rear air conditioning outlet, refrigeration / thermos cup holder are also available.

The active safety configuration is even more advanced at the same level, including VDC vehicle driving dynamic control system, TCS traction control system, ATC active tracking control system, arc active driving comfort control system, AEB active engine brake assist system, and more comprehensive daily care.To sum up, the 188800 yuan CVT fashion version is not stingy in terms of configuration. It is more than enough for daily urban use, and the landing price of about 200000 is really affordable to buy such a large and fashionable joint venture SUV. power and control: easily walk around the city

The 2.0L naturally aspirated engine carried by Qijun in 2014 has a maximum power of 110KW (150ps) / 6000rpm and a maximum torque of 200N · M / 4400rpm. It adopts in cylinder direct injection technology. It is ahead of the 2.0L engine of the same level in power, and the power is only 27kw less than that of the 2.5L engine, ensuring daily demand and better fuel economy.In terms of gearbox, except that the minimum configuration model is equipped with 6mt, other models are equipped with simulated 7-speed CVT. This cvt8 gearbox, like the new Teana, has excellent overall performance. With the 2.0L engine, there is no phenomenon of slow speed-up and weak power.Before the official driving, I was also wondering whether this 2.0L naturally aspirated engine could meet the big man of xinqijun, but from the moment I stepped on the accelerator, I found that it was too worried. Although it was not fast and full of power, at least its performance was not lazy.

In Depth Evaluation of Nissan Qijun 2.0L Fashion Version 2

The power of 2.0L is sufficient for urban roads, and the speed increase in the middle and rear sections is not weak. The engine speed during daily driving is maintained within 2000 rpm. Occasionally, if you accelerate to overtake, you only need to pull the speed to about 3500 rpm, and the power output can be on call. However, when five people are fully loaded, they will still find a lack of power. They have to give more oil and maintain a higher speed to achieve stronger power output.Maybe the power of the 2.0L engine is not fun for those who are acute, but it is just right for most people. After all, the 2.0L model is more prone to urban use, and this softer power is more relaxed and comfortable in urban driving. With the cooperation of CVT gearbox, the whole power output is very smooth, and the shift logic is clear and fast.In terms of steering, Qijun adopts the mainstream electronic power steering. Compared with the lightness of general electronic power steering, Qijun is more heavy, making the overall driving feel more stable. At the same time, the directivity of the steering wheel is clear, there is no empty position, and the road feel feedback is also clear.

The chassis suspension of the new Qijun is basically the same as that of the old model. The overall adjustment is comfortable and can well filter the small bumps on the road. The driving experience on the urban paved road is better than that of a car, and the comfort is not worse than that of Teana. In addition, the suspension chassis has a strong overall sense, and the corner roll is not obvious.Overall, the overall driving experience of the 2014 Qijun 2.0L model is best described by the weight stability. The power is not strong, but it is flexible enough, the direction is accurate and practical, and the suspension is comfortable and overall. As an urban SUV, this performance is commendable. 0-100km / h acceleration test: 10.71s

From the stable performance of Qijun 2.5L tested before, the tenderness of Qijun 2.0L is taken for granted. There is no obvious feeling of pushing back, but there is no feeling of meat. Turn off ESP and eco mode, keep the starting speed at 2400 rpm, the whole starting is stable and sharp, the wheels do not slip, and the body attitude is well controlled.The 100 kilometer acceleration of 10.71 seconds is less than 1.5 seconds slower than the 9.39 seconds of Qijun 2.5L. For the 2.0L two-wheel drive model that pays more attention to urban driving, it performs well. The g value at the moment of starting can still reach 0.6, the middle and rear sections remain stable, and the power output is smooth during the whole acceleration process. 100-0km / h braking test: 40.29m

The test vehicle tire is Youke haoma geolandar G91 with a size of 225 / 65 R17, which can provide sufficient braking force. Under the condition of full braking, the body attitude control is good, the forward inclination is not serious, and there is no deviation in the whole process.During the whole braking process, the g value is maintained at about - 1, and the overall performance is stable. The final measured result is 40.29m, which is excellent enough in the same level. summary

Summary of advantages and disadvantagesAdvantages and disadvantagesSmooth enough power, insufficient power

Spacious and comfortable, low configuration models without skylightBetter fuel consumptionFor those urban friends who like the big man image of SUV and don't need to go outdoors, Qijun 2.0L model is a good choice. The spacious and comfortable space makes the whole family more comfortable. Although the power is not as direct as 2.5L, it is also enough for you to run wild in the city. In addition, with the actual configuration and the price of 200000, it is more affordable and more attractive and competitive.

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