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Introduction to knowledge related to car modification and car headlights

Many friends don't know much about how to modify the headlights on the car when modifying their cars. So what are the components of the headlights? In fact, car headlights are generally divided into three types, namely halogen headlights, xenon headlights, and light-emitting diodes. The difference between these three types of lights mainly depends on the color of the light. Halogen headlights are generally yellow and have a color temperature of around 3000K. Xenon headlights are white and have a color temperature of around 4000K. LED emits blue light and has a color temperature of over 5000K.

Car modification generally involves changing the front and rear combination lights, turn signals, front and rear fog lights and high-mounted brake lights. Front combination lights have requirements on the light intensity and irradiation position of the high and low beams. And it is also divided into two-lamp system and four-lamp system. Each light on the car has a different purpose and cannot be used or modified indiscriminately.

Introduction to knowledge related to car modification and car headlights 1

Night traffic light: commonly known as "small light". It is mainly used to display the width and length of the car body at night. Drivers should check frequently during daily maintenance. Some drivers feel that small lights cannot play a lighting role, so they do not pay attention to them.

Signal lights: including turn signals and brake lights. Proper use of traffic lights is very important when driving safely. The turn signal is turned on when the vehicle is turning, and it flashes intermittently to remind vehicles and pedestrians in front, left and right to pay attention to the distance. And the turn on time of the turn signal should be controlled well. It should be turned on about 100 meters away from the turning intersection. Driving too early will give the illusion of "forgetting to turn" to the car behind you, while driving too late will cause the following vehicles and pedestrians to be unprepared.

The brake light has a strong brightness and is mainly used to inform the vehicle behind that the vehicle in front needs to slow down or stop. Improper use of this light can easily cause a rear-end collision. In addition, when replacing the brake light bulb, please pay attention: Domestic vehicle tail lights are generally "one bulb, two uses". There are two light filaments in the light bulb. The weak light is the small light and the strong light is the brake light.

Introduction to knowledge related to car modification and car headlights 2

Fog lights can help drivers improve visibility when driving in foggy weather, and allow drivers to detect oncoming vehicles early and take measures to meet them safely. Therefore, drivers must turn on fog lights when driving in foggy weather.

Night driving lights are also commonly known as "headlights". Headlights are the "heart" of the entire car. Reasonable use of headlights should ensure that they turn into low beam when meeting another car, and change back to high beam in time after meeting another car for further vision.

However, the headlights of some vehicles will age to a certain extent if they have been driven for a long time, which is very dangerous to driving safety. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to inspections during daily maintenance, and some drivers regard the headlights as "weapons". "Use, take random photos and sweep". Many drivers often sneak onto the road at night when no one is checking, and their headlights are unusually bright. The illumination angle of their headlights has been carefully adjusted, and the purpose is not to illuminate the road but to illuminate the car. This behavior is very dangerous.

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