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Is it better to replace the headlight assembly when upgrading the car lights? Or is it better to upg

Is it better to replace the headlight assembly, or manually modify the xenon lamp + lens?

To sum up in one sentence: the appearance of the headlight assembly is selected, and the practicality is better than manual modification!

There are basically two modification methods on the market now:

1. Replace the headlight assembly.

The advantage is that it is beautiful! Although it is more expensive, it does not damage the original car lights and avoids concerns about aerosol and water intrusion. If you have trouble inspecting the car, you can put it back. But the problem is that this kind of lamp is not from a big brand, and I don’t know whether the quality can be guaranteed (I worry that the bulbs, ballasts, etc. will not last long). Furthermore, I believe you must have seen that some of the subsidiary factory car lamps will deteriorate after being used for a long time. The lampshade becomes discolored, cracked, etc., which is particularly unsightly and affects the lighting! Some assemblies are bare lamps, and the ballast needs to be purchased separately. Most headlight assemblies use the cheapest xenon lamps, lenses, and ballasts. If you want to use good configurations, the price will have to be higher.

Is it better to replace the headlight assembly when upgrading the car lights? Or is it better to upg 1

It is to modify the lamp bowl based on the original car lamp and install a xenon lamp + bifocal lens + angel eye + devil eye (select both)

The advantage is that you can choose a brand that suits you according to your personal preferences. It has a long history of modification, the technology is relatively mature, and the quality is relatively guaranteed. You don’t have to worry about discoloration when you keep the original car lampshade, and I personally feel that the lighting effect is better than that of the assembly. After all, There are many big brands to choose from, and the materials used are better than those of the assembly. The disadvantage is that the modification time is relatively long, and it needs to be modified on the basis of the original car lights. Cannot be restored.

PS: Buick Yinglang GT original headlight assemblies are manually upgraded and modified with Hella five dual-light lens xenon lamps

The total components of xenon headlights are: modified parts, original parts and auxiliary parts

1. Modified xenon headlight assembly

They are hand-modified using brand-new (or refurbished) original car light assemblies and auxiliary factory assembly casings. Most of them are modified by some car light modification shops or auto parts shops themselves.

2. Original xenon headlight assembly

It is a xenon headlight assembly produced by the original factory. The original car comes with a xenon headlight assembly.

3. Sub-factory xenon headlight assembly

What is the core difference between sub-factory and original xenon lamps: In short, they refer to accessories produced by manufacturers not authorized by the automobile manufacturer. It is marked with its own factory name and its own trademark, but does not have the LOGO of the automobile brand. (trademark). Generally, they are mainly produced by small and medium-sized car lamp manufacturing companies, but there are also some major international manufacturers. Sub-factory parts are not exactly the same as fake and shoddy parts; counterfeit and shoddy parts refer to manufacturers of counterfeit supporting factory parts, authentic accessories, and sub-factory parts, or use inferior materials. In fact, knowing this, the quality of some sub-factories is not inferior to that of the original factories.

Is it better to replace the headlight assembly when upgrading the car lights? Or is it better to upg 2

There are also some good-quality sub-factory parts on the market. As long as they are suitable for the car model, car owners can use them with confidence. But be careful not to blindly choose fancy and inferior sub-factory parts. Some sub-factory parts have good appearance but the quality of the added lenses is not up to par. There are bubbles in the lenses, the reflector bowl is inefficient and the focus is inaccurate. This results in a narrow illumination range and low brightness. , there are serious light spots, and night-time vehicles have serious safety hazards. Most of the installed angel eyes are made of single LED light-guiding plastic, and the brightness difference effect is not obvious.

Manual modification of original car lights:

A simple summary is to open the cover of the original car headlight assembly, then add the lens, ballast, and xenon bulb, then seal it and install it in the car.

Is it better to replace the headlight assembly when upgrading the car lights? Or is it better to upg 3

There are more personalized benefits to manually modifying the original car lights: car owners can develop a modification plan according to their own requirements, and decide whether to install angel eyes, devil eyes, whether the bottom of the tear eye lamps should be blackened, etc.; use xenon lamps after installing lenses There are no obvious cutting lines that diverge, the irradiation range is large, and the brightness is uniform. The solenoid valve is used to change the shading plate, so that one bulb can change the high and low beams, thereby creating an additional set of high beams, that is, 4 high beams (with independent car with light bowl) to increase driving safety at night.

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