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Is it illegal to modify car headlights?

The headlight of a car is a very important part of the car, and it is also a very important accompaniment to the appearance of the car. However, with the development of automobile headlight technology, the halogen headlights that have been used in the past have now been replaced by more advanced xenon headlights and LED headlights. Especially in the past two years, LED headlights have become very popular, and their performance is also very good. Therefore, many people have a strong preference for LED headlights. Therefore, after buying a car, many people change the halogen car lights into LED lights. To be honest, they are usually modified privately.

Is it illegal to modify car headlights? 1

However, headlights are wearing parts, and headlights are also one of the most prominent parts of the car. Therefore, they are quite easy to be damaged in accidents. Therefore, in some accidents, modified LED headlights have been damaged. , it is easy to cause some trouble. After all, the cost of modified LED headlights is not low. However, if an accident does occur, there is no need to worry.

After a traffic accident, you must first determine the responsibility, who is the primary liability and who is the secondary liability. If it is the other party's responsibility, congratulations, there is still some room for recovery. The best way is for the insurance company to compensate normally. Make it clear to the other car owner that the other car owner will pay the price difference between the halogen headlights and the LED headlights. If the other party fails to pay, you can ask the traffic police to coordinate. If the traffic police fails to coordinate, you can sue.

Is it illegal to modify car headlights? 2

If you are mainly responsible, your modified LED headlights were damaged by the accident. However, the insurance coverage will only be limited to the parts that come with the original car, so your LED headlights will definitely not be covered. Moreover, if parts like LED headlights are not provided by the original factory, it is recommended not to replace them without permission. Although they are bright, they are expensive and have a short lifespan. They are not as good as halogen headlights. Although halogen headlights are low in cost, they have strong penetrating power. , and the service life is also long. More importantly, the LED lights you replace may not necessarily be of good quality. If something goes wrong when used at night, it will be very troublesome.

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