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Is it okay to change to LED headlights? Should I upgrade the lights to halogen lights, xenon lights

With the increase in car ownership year by year, more and more families own cars, and the demand for cars is also increasing day by day. Among them, the modification market is becoming more and more popular, and car light modification is becoming more and more popular. The demand for modified car lights is basically that car headlights cannot meet daily travel requirements, vision is insufficient, and driving at night is dangerous.

Is it okay to change to LED headlights? Should I upgrade the lights to halogen lights, xenon lights  1

First, let’s understand what types of car lights there are

1. Halogen lamp

Halogen lamps have been used since their creation into the 21st century. At present, most low-end and mid-range models priced around 100,000 yuan are equipped with halogen lamps as standard equipment, especially joint ventures. Due to their low production cost, high cost performance, and strong penetrating power, halogen lamps are also loved by the majority of automobile companies and consumers. But there are advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages are high wattage, high energy consumption, low brightness, which affects driving at night, and the color of the light is yellow, which affects the temperament and quality of the entire vehicle.

Is it okay to change to LED headlights? Should I upgrade the lights to halogen lights, xenon lights  2

Halogen lamp

2. Xenon lamp

Xenon lamps are also called high-pressure discharge lamps, which are referred to as HID by industry insiders. They are heavy metal lamps. By passing inert gases such as xenon through a supercharger, the vehicle's 12-volt power supply is instantly increased to 23,000 volts. The xenon gas under the high voltage will be ionized to produce a light source. The brightness, paving, and color temperature of xenon lamps are better than those of halogen lamps, and they look more upscale. But there are also disadvantages: it takes 3-5 seconds to activate the lights. Due to the principle of xenon lamp light generation, it is necessary to increase the voltage of 12 voltages to 23,000 volts. The xenon gas under high voltage will be ionized to produce a light source, which takes 3-5 seconds. Because it is supercharged instantly, the requirements for the car's wiring are relatively high.

Is it okay to change to LED headlights? Should I upgrade the lights to halogen lights, xenon lights  3

Xenon lights

3. Led headlights

Led headlights, also known as light-emitting diodes, are cold light sources. It is the sixth generation headlight that evolved after the xenon lamp. Evolutionary replacement means that LED headlights have advantages that xenon lamps cannot beat, such as instant start-up. Due to their high brightness, energy saving, low power consumption, long life, and instant start-up, Led headlights have quickly become popular in the automotive market.

Is it okay to change to LED headlights? Should I upgrade the lights to halogen lights, xenon lights  4

led headlights, nine plus one car led headlights

After understanding the advantages and disadvantages of these mainstream car light models, people are still confused about which type of car light to choose. So when upgrading your car lights, should you change to halogen lights, xenon lights or LED lights?

Generally speaking, changing car headlights is basically based on your own car assembly, the effect you want to achieve, and your budget. But industry insiders in the automotive aftermarket recommend installing LED headlights. Why?

Is it okay to change to LED headlights? Should I upgrade the lights to halogen lights, xenon lights  5

Comparison of nine plus one LED and halogen lighting

Led is easy to install and provides peace of mind after installation.

There are 100-watt halogen lamps on the market. This is a brightness-enhancing halogen lamp that increases the wattage directly from 55 watts to 100 watts. The effect of increased brightness is achieved by increasing the wattage of the headlights. However, when the wattage increases from 55 watts to 100 watts, the original vehicle line capacity is overloaded, the battery load is affected, and the battery load is damaged at the least, or the line is overloaded and burned out.

Xenon lamps have both advantages and disadvantages. The choice of xenon lamps mainly depends on personal needs and preferences. However, there are many things that need to be modified during the modification process of xenon lamps. The most obvious one is the need to install a separate ballast. The applicable voltage of the ballast is that the instantaneous voltage of the car's 12V ballast can be as high as 23,000 volts. This has high requirements for the quality of the ballast. If the quality is slightly unstable, or the installation technology is not up to standard, it may cause failure, which may cause the light bulb to burn out, or the car may be destroyed.

Led bulbs, like halogen lamps, can be used with 12V voltage, which has a different impact than xenon lamps that require dozens of times more voltage. LED bulbs on the market are basically designed according to the comparison of halogen lamps. After removing the halogen lamp, the LED lamp can be installed without damage based on the original position and plugged in directly. The installation is relatively simple, the installation can pass the annual inspection, and the restoration is simple. ,No worries.

Led brightness paves the way better

The brightness of halogen lamps is generally more than one thousand lumens, and that of xenon lamps is about three to four thousand lumens. The brightness of LED lamps is brighter than that of xenon lamps, and it can pave roads better and has a longer range. Depending on the wattage, the brightness ranges from 3,000 to 6,000 lumens. According to different needs, you can choose different products. Nine plus one products have high brightness, good light concentration, turn on in seconds, and high brightness. They are a good helper for modification and upgrade.

Is it okay to change to LED headlights? Should I upgrade the lights to halogen lights, xenon lights  6

Leds last longer

The lighting life of automobile LED headlights is about 30,000 hours, which is much longer than the life of halogen lamps and xenon lamps. The light decay rate of automobile LED bulbs is also slower than that of halogen lamps and xenon lamps, which means they can be used for a long time under normal use. The long life of LEDs also has a lot to do with the overall design and heat dissipation of the car lights. If you buy low-quality car lights, or lights that only accumulate wattage and brightness, the LED lifespan will not be long. Therefore, when purchasing car lights, you need to understand basic car light common sense and understanding of car light brands.

Jiu plus one has been deeply involved in the field of car lighting for sixteen years. It has an independent R&D team and strong scientific research strength. It has been rated as a "high-tech enterprise" for many years in a row. It is one of the first companies in the industry to provide LED car headlight modification solutions, and has been for 4 consecutive years. It has won the top ten lighting brands in the industry every year and is a trustworthy brand.

Is it okay to change to LED headlights? Should I upgrade the lights to halogen lights, xenon lights  7

After reading this article and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different car lights, I believe you will make your own choice.

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