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Knowledge丨Do you understand these "languages" of car lights?

Many car companies have made a big fuss on the shape of car lights to improve the appearance and recognition of the vehicle. For the car, they are the "eyes" of the vehicle, ensuring the driver's driving safety in different road conditions and climate environments. . Although there are many people who can drive, many people only use the most basic lights. In fact, car lights also have some car light languages. We can use the car light languages ​​to communicate with others while driving, which can also increase driving safety while driving.

Knowledge丨Do you understand these languages of car lights? 1

Today we will talk to you about the six car light languages ​​when driving on the road. In the future, don’t just honk your horn when something happens. Experienced drivers will look down on you. Remember these car light languages, and you will already have half a foot in the ranks of experienced drivers. . This time we will share some car light language with you. Drivers, please save it immediately.

Headlights flash twice at night

When driving at night, turn on high beam. Too strong light will temporarily blind the oncoming vehicle or the vehicle in front, which will be particularly dazzling. If someone turns on high beam at night, you can flash the headlight twice to remind the other person. If the other party still does not change the light, If so, you can turn on the double flash to express your dissatisfaction to the other party until the other party switches to low-beam headlights, but remember that you must also adjust to low-beam headlights immediately.

Knowledge丨Do you understand these languages of car lights? 2

The headlights flash

Flashing the headlights means requesting the vehicle in front to give way. If the vehicle in front is moving slowly and you want to overtake, you can flash the headlights to remind the vehicle in front to give way or tell the vehicle in front that you want to overtake. If the vehicle does not respond, you can flash again after a while and wait for the other party to give way before overtaking.

Knowledge丨Do you understand these languages of car lights? 3

Of course, if you are waiting for a car at an intersection and the car in front does not move when the light turns green, it may be that the driver of the car in front did not pay attention to the change of the indicator light and was distracted while waiting for the red light. In this case, it is obviously not appropriate to honk the horn wildly. We can flash the headlights to remind the driver in front. If the headlights flash once, the car in front will usually be aware of it. If there is still no movement, flash the headlights again. Do not flash the headlights continuously.

Use brake lights periodically

When driving on the road, maintaining an appropriate safe distance is an effective way to avoid accidents, but sometimes some people like to follow cars at high speeds and keep a relatively close distance. In this case, the driver of the car in front must distract some of his energy. When you "pay attention" to the car behind you, you will inevitably have to worry about whether the car behind you will hit you because you didn't brake in time. At this time, the car in front must find a way to give a warning to the car behind, telling the car behind not to follow it closely. At this time, the brake light must be used.

Knowledge丨Do you understand these languages of car lights? 4

The headlights flash three times in a row

The headlights flash three times in a row. This is a friendly and dangerous signal. It reminds the other party that there is a problem with the vehicle, such as a brake problem or other external problems. If someone turns on the headlights and flashes them three times, you must To attract great attention, you must drive carefully at this time, pull over as soon as possible, get out of the car, check for any problems with the car, and ensure safety before driving.

Knowledge丨Do you understand these languages of car lights? 5

After seeing this, have you "increased your knowledge"? The editor still hopes that everyone can remember these car light languages ​​and improve driving safety. Of course, there are many other car lighting languages ​​that we will continue to share with you in the future. If you have good lighting experience, you can also share it with us!

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