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Let me introduce to you several ways to modify car lights.

Car light modification is a must-have item for most car enthusiasts to modify and upgrade their cars. What we usually refer to as car light modification includes three aspects. One is the modification of the headlights; the second is the modification of the taillights; It is an additional installation of lights in other parts.

It is common to modify car headlights and taillights. It is estimated that many people are not familiar with the modification and installation of other parts of the lights. You should understand what they are by simply giving a few examples, such as: chassis light installation, dashboard atmosphere Light installation, roof spotlight installation, etc.

Modification and upgrade of car lights include two directions:

First, in order to relieve the fatigue and tension of driving at night and improve the safety of driving at night, the original low-wattage halogen bulbs are upgraded to brighter xenon lamps, LED lamps, etc.

The second is to improve the beauty of car lighting, upgrade the original car headlights to angel eyes, devil eyes, LED stream lights, etc., or install chassis light strips, dashboard light strips, air intake grille light strips, etc.

Let me introduce to you several ways to modify car lights. 1

So next, the editor will briefly introduce to you several ways to modify car lights and their advantages and disadvantages:

1. Replace high-power light bulbs and install brighteners

Directly replace the original car's 55W ordinary halogen bulb with a 100W high-power bulb. This method does not require changing the circuit. You can directly replace the bulb and connect a bunch of brighteners and brightening wires to the original circuit. However, the power of the bulb will increase. It is easy to cause excessive line load, commonly known as "wire burning", and the heat rate of the bulb will be higher. Long-term burning will cause the silver bowl in the headlight to be baked and deformed, so this method is directly passed.

Let me introduce to you several ways to modify car lights. 2

2. Replace imported halogen bulbs with the same power

This method is simpler. You only need to replace an imported light bulb with the same power and wattage. This method is more suitable for drivers who do not have high lighting requirements, and the light colors are available in ultra-white, ultra-blue, and ultra-yellow. Of course, the editor would like to remind all car owners that it is better to believe in the efficacy than in the advertisements! Try to choose products from world-renowned brands according to your own budget.

Advantages: low modification cost, simple modification and upgrade, no damage to the original car wiring, optional lighting colors

Disadvantages: The modification effect is not obvious

Let me introduce to you several ways to modify car lights. 3

3. Modify and upgrade to xenon headlights

Upgrade the original car's halogen bulbs to HID gas discharge lamps. When installing xenon bulbs, a discharge rectifier needs to be installed on the line. There are some minor changes to the original car wiring. Now there are products from some well-known manufacturers that can be directly connected to the original car wiring, which is what we often call plug-and-play. Use type discharge rectifier.

Advantages: lower cost, high brightness, low energy consumption, long service life

Disadvantages: Insufficient power of the discharge rectifier will cause a delay in switching between high and low beams; failure to install a lens will cause astigmatism and inaccurate focus.

4. Bifocal lens xenon headlights

This method is to install xenon headlights and add lenses at the same time. What is a bifocal lens? To put it simply, a lens is installed for both far and near light. So what is a lens? Let the viewers understand in a simple way, it is a convex lens and a magnifying glass. You can look at many luxury cars. There is a semicircular glass protrusion in the middle of the headlight, which is the lens. Ordinary models generally only install single-focal lenses, while luxury or ultra-luxury models will install bifocal lenses. The editor reminds you that if you use this method, you must choose a 4S store or a regular modification store. Encountering unskilled masters and choosing products from unscrupulous companies may lead to water intrusion into the headlights in the future.

Advantages: high brightness, no astigmatism, no glare, and accurate focus.

Disadvantages: Modification is expensive and difficult.

Let me introduce to you several ways to modify car lights. 4

5. Upgrade LED headlights

Directly upgrade the original car halogen headlights to LED bulbs. This is the most commonly used and common method on the market. Nowadays, many models also use the LED lights that come with the original car as a selling point to recommend to customers. It is conceivable that it is very wise to choose LED lights when upgrading lighting. Behavior.

Advantages: relatively low cost, high brightness, small size, energy saving and environmental protection, and long service life.

Disadvantages: slow heat dissipation, astigmatism and inaccurate focusing will also occur without adding a lens.

Let me introduce to you several ways to modify car lights. 5

6. Directly replace the headlight assembly

This method is easy to understand, that is, directly replace the entire low-profile headlight assembly with a high-profile headlight assembly. There are two options in this method: one is to buy domestic headlight assemblies (commonly known as auxiliary parts), which are cheap but of unstable quality. The second is to buy the original headlight assembly, which is expensive but the quality is guaranteed. To be honest, the editor does not recommend this method to everyone. After all, if you really care about the headlights and taillights of your car, just choose a mid-range or high-end model, which has beautiful and practical headlights and taillights. With more practical configurations, wouldn't it be more cost-effective?

Let me introduce to you several ways to modify car lights. 6

7. Install other lights

Generally speaking, only car enthusiasts will start with other parts of the lights, because compared to ordinary lighting upgrades, other parts of the light modification can reflect an enthusiast's professionalism and modification level, so which parts will the average enthusiasts carry out? What about lighting modifications? The editor will give you a brief introduction to several types:

The first is ambient lighting, which is to install LED light strips on the instrument panel and door skin. If you have strong hands-on skills, you can install it yourself. You only need to find the gap between the instrument panel and the door skin and insert the light strip. , and then connect a signal line. If you know nothing about car circuits or there are not many gaps between the instrument panel and door skin of your car, which may involve disassembly and assembly of these two parts, it is best to seek help from professionals.

The second is to install chassis lights, which means adding LED light strips to the chassis of your car. No matter how you install it, the light source and wiring will always generate a certain amount of heat, and the chassis is close to the fuel tank, which will affect driving safety to a certain extent. Therefore, you must be careful when installing and choose a professional modification agency. Please do not choose this modification method if it is not necessary.

The third is to install angel eyes, devil eyes, tear eyes, and stream lights in the headlights. The installation of these types of lights requires relatively large changes to the headlights and wiring, and the cost is also very high. After modification, they are very cool and the effect is very good.

Let me introduce to you several ways to modify car lights. 7

The editor has introduced so much to the majority of car enthusiasts, but in the end I can’t help but remind everyone that the national traffic safety management department has strict management systems for vehicle modifications. Before modification, you must consult the relevant management regulations of the traffic management department, and you must choose when modifying. Choose regular stores and choose high-quality products to avoid safety hazards. If you are not a modification enthusiast, please try not to choose modification products that modify the original car mechanism or wiring, otherwise your car will have endless problems with warranty, resale and other issues in the future.

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